Top Tips for Keeping Wedding Stress to a Minimum

Planning a wedding could easily become your main full-time job as it requires so much preparation & work. In our BLOG today we share TOP TIPS for keeping wedding stress to a minimum.

  • Make a schedule: Best way to follow your wedding planning progress is to use your calendar for recording necessary information and for planning wedding timelines & meetings. Set limits for your wedding planning, allocated time per week & stick to it. This way, you should be more productive.
  • Differentiate “musts” and “would likes”: Draw up two checklists: one with the “musts” and another with the “would likes”. On the first one write down all the things you absolutely want as well as elements you know you would regret not having and the not necessary other projects in your “would like” list .

  • Engage a wedding planner: Between your spouse, families, wedding planning, friends, bridal party… you may not know which way to turn. If you are working full-time you may not have the time or energy to handle the wedding organisation. Hiring a wedding is a great stress free solution for you. A professional Wedding Planner can plan the entire wedding ensuring that every aspect of your wedding in Ireland truly reflects your unique personality and style. They will execute your wedding as the fairytale you always dreamt of. Some planners also offer a partial planning service just looking after some parts of the organisation depending on what you require. Don’t forget a professional can negotiate rates and save you money not to mention what they save you in time which is also money!

  • Keeping fit: will help elevate your wedding stress and ensure you are looking in peek condition on the wedding day. Exercising has a positive impact psychologically and emotionally there are lots of sports to stabilize endorphins including swimming, dancing, walking… Load your iPod up and create a special wedding playlist to keep you positive and dynamic.

  • Don’t ask everybody’s opinions: The most important things to consider are you & your spouse’s requirements. Ask the opinion of close family/friend like your mum and dad or best friend. Keep in mind that it is your wedding; you don’t have to please everyone with your decor or other items. Perhaps keep some elements as a surprise on your wedding day!
  • Free stressful plans: Keep some time to enjoy with your friends and family including some date nights with your spouse. It’s really important to stay connected with your loved ones throughout your wedding planning, you can easily and quickly lose touch with family/friends when you are under pressure and stress

  • Clear your mind of worries: Meditation & Yoga are recognized all around the world for their faculty to calm people. They will help to slow your heart rate and soothe your muscles. If you’ve got a place where you always feel good, head to it and think about your planning in a quiet way. Don’t forget to pamper yourself by going to a spa or even taking a leisurely bath.
  • Express yourself: You should talk to someone who can be attentive to your feelings and help you to release all things you try to bottle up. You could start a journal by writing down things that are annoying you.

  • Keep it fun: Your wedding day must be the most beautiful day of your life but make sure that you have fun planning it. Do whatever you need to make yourself laugh and smile surrounded by people you love.
  • Choose people on whom you can rely on: You should know what you can handle and people who can be counted on to support and help you. Delegate some tasks to your bridesmaids or close relatives.  It will be a huge help and take a weight off your shoulders.

We hope on reading our #BLOG you are now in for less stressful Wedding Planning but don’t hesitate to contact Michelle with your queries !

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