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‘The Dubliner’ on McEvents, organisers of Dream Irish Wedding

Time spent in Ireland’s Shannon region can be as active or as leisurely as one chooses. In this restful landscape, the pressures of modern life can be shed and legendry Irish hospitality can be enjoyed in exquisite surroundings…

Mc Events will allow you to focus on yourselves and relax while your day is created as you always dreamt it would be.

With huge emphasis on attention to detail we organise and execute every last detail according to the personalities, expectations and budget of the bridal group.

We can plan the entire affair from the engagement party to the honeymoon giving the complete wedding consulting package. However we will also go beyond the standard package including organising accommodation for guests, sporting activities and sightseeing tours for those who wish to extend their stay.

Where does our wedding business come from ?

From as far away as Australia, San Francisco, Texas & Florida as well as closer to home such as New York, Boston & London. Most importantly on our own door steps the many Irish couples who are simply too busy with work & life commitments to find time to organise their special day. Remember whether it is for 2 or 502 guests it can take an average of 300 hours to organise the average wedding!

What is the biggest budget you have worked with?

Six digit figure! Couple from UK who took over a castle & even chartered a plane to fly in their guests.

Can only people with big budgets take on the services of a wedding planner?

Not at all as our fees & the value of your wedding will be interlinked.. within reason no budget is too small or too large for Mc Events!

A favourite wedding…

It has to be obvious by my website my favourite wedding! They married in the most romantic church on a hill & the reception took place in one of Ireland’s most wonderful castles!

Despite the “Irish Mist” of constant rain it was the most fantastic wedding, I actually don’t think anyone really noticed, although the press possibly had more photos of umbrellas than the wedding couple.

In a move away at the ceremony from the normal homily the celebrant gives the couple very elegantly told the story of how they met!

She was a fairytale princess but so cool that after her first dance she changed into a mini wedding gown and danced the night away!

Their cake was a golf course where the bride & groom teed off from a high!

Moving speeches ensured emotional reaction from both top table & guests on the floor!

At a party the next day the groom serenaded the bride in front of a crowd of 100 people cementing his vows!

Romance abounded with the honeymoon arrangements. Up in the air for 11 hours and the bride still in the dark! Plans ensured the landing was smooth and in romantic Hawaii!

Some of our more challenging tasks?

1.Relocating a wedding from one venue to another in 1 day! It also involved change of date, which meant absolutely everything had to be rebooked from priest to Bentley to band and bridal suite.

Professionalism ensured pressure was absorbed and positive energy allowed the new arrangements to be made in 24 hours and the couple departed for the states fully relaxed!

Happily it all worked out and luck was certainly on their side because despite change of date every original supplier was available on the new date!

2.Flowers favourite flower not available at 11th hour through normal channels so had them flown in from South America!

3.Bride who got a stain of red paint on her dress ..but within 5 minutes it was gone & dress looked as if nothing had ever happened

Skills required for the job?

Forward Planning with Great Vision to see beyond today..
Organisational Skills to ensure a clients day runs like clock work
Excellent communication skills
Calm in time of crisis
Ability to always get the job done
Hunger to ensure each & every client has the most successful day/event
Superb Leadership qualities as the event is lead solely by the planner whereby a bride doesn’t need to think beyond pampering herself on the day !

Our pricing structure?

Fee basis.

I do not take commission from any suppliers instead I have them pass all discounts onto my clients.

The price the supplier charges is the exact price I pass onto the client, I do not alter/increase the prices charged by them in anyway. In fact I give my client the invoice from supplier & have all cheques/payments made payable by the client directly to suppliers.

Top piece of advice for a bride-to-be?

Relax with Mc Events the professional choice!