10 Fantastic Wedding Guestbook Ideas For Your Special Day

If you would like an alternative Guestbook for your wedding you must read today’s blog 10 Fantastic Wedding Guestbook Ideas For Your Special Day.


Signing The Bottle

Buy a bottle of your favourite wine and let your wedding guests sign it. When celebrating your first wedding anniversary, you will have a wonderful reminder of your wedding day and of who celebrated it with you.

Vintage-themed Weddings

For any classic wedding a typewriter is the perfect solution for an unconventional guestbook. Your guests type you messages typed on this charming accessory and leave them in a basket. They are sure to have great fun going back in time or discovering something new.


Jenga Pieces

Build memories with your own Jenga game. While your guests will enjoy writing their names and possible advice with the wooden pieces, you will enjoy building your marriage brick by brick, remembering your special day.



Who doesn’t like getting post these days and with this guest book idea, it will be like receiving lots of letters at once. Your guests can write their messages and then put them into envelopes. Every envelope will be a surprising gift to you.



For the couples who love to travel, the optimal idea. Paint one or several globes with chalkboard paint and make your guests sign them with liquid chalk markers available in many different colours. The globes will look great on every sideboard, reminding you every day of how fabulous your wedding day was.


Print out sheets of open-ended questions similar to the ones on the picture. The sheets will provide advice and memories given by family members, childhood friends and modern day friends to the newlyweds.


Jigsaw Pieces

Whether you put a picture of you on the back of the pieces or paint it in different colours, once every guest signs a piece, you will have great fun putting the pieces into their places. Glued together, the finished jigsaw can make a great add-on to your wall decorations.


Polaroid photos


This option is not just for classical weddings, as polaroid cameras are in vogue again. Guests take photos of themselves and after the wedding you can put the cute photos into a photo album, which all of your guests smile out of.


The Quilt-option

Maybe you are known for being cold a lot or you simply love to nestle down on your couch. Ask an older family member for a handmade quilt or buy a new one that fits into your home. Either way, signing this guest book will definitely draw a chuckle from your wedding guests.


Shadow Art Pieces

Whether you use wooden hearts or corks, your guests can write their names on the pieces and slide them into the picture frame. After the day, this guestbook will make a great picture to put up on your walls, filled with memories of your wedding day.


We hope you find an alternative guestbook idea from today’s blog and enjoy making it happen!


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