6 Top Tips for Planning a Multicultural Wedding

Brides and Grooms from two different cultural backgrounds it is lovely to engage both of your cultures on your Wedding Day. On our BLOG today we give you our 6 Top Tips for Planning a Multicultural Wedding

Perfect planning for your Multicultural Wedding Day

Planning a wedding that’s reflective of two different cultural backgrounds can be tricky so best plan well in advance and stay organized. We highly recommend that you engage a wedding planner to ensure that your desires will become reality and that everything will happen as you envisioned on your big day. It will free you from a lot of pressure and you will truly enjoy your big day while your wedding planner ensures things run smoothly.

Personalize your Wedding Ceremony

If you have are having a non church wedding ceremony you can include elements from both of your cultures, whether religious or ethnic elements. For instance if one of you has Irish origins you can include hand fasting in your Wedding Ceremony. But do make sure not to incorporate too many different rituals in your Wedding Ceremony as you risk losing your guests’ attention.

Include objects from your cultures in your Wedding Day

If you want to have a classic wedding without including cultural elements which have a big impact on the occasion have simple objects to remind you of your origins. One way to do so is to choose table names in accordance with your backgrounds. For example if your family is Italian you could name the tables after famous Italian cities. Or a token such as having a broach in the bridal bouquet which represents you or your grooms culture.

Get inventive with the food for your Wedding Reception

Food is a great way to discover a culture, take advantage of it! Fusion cuisine is a wonderful way to blend cultures. Make a cutting-edge gourmet statement by demonstrating how wonderful two cultures are together e.g. Indian flavoured sushi on your menu. You can also have the two cultures as the theme for your menu. For instance Irish Lamb for main course & French pastries in your dessert station or a macaroons wedding cake which your guests will relish.

Play various styles of music at your Wedding Party

Another excellent way to unveil your cultures to your guests is to choose music from both your native country’s. You can decide to simply have your band playing some songs you like or to perhaps have a traditional dance demonstration. Sure to share a fun time with them while dancing Irish Ceili, Greek Syrtaki or Spanish Salsa!

Never forget to communicate!

Our last but not least top tip for your Multicultural Wedding is communication. Communicate with both families’ helps to prevent misunderstandings re the two different cultures. When it comes to your guests explain to them the origins of the rituals or traditions you are including in your wedding perhaps by including some explanations on your ceremony program or menu or itinerary.

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Happy couples, hope our BLOG today helps you to be confident about your Multicultural Wedding and will make it memorable for you and your guests. Feel free to contact us with any questions:

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