Celebrate your love with these amazing LGTBQ+ wedding trends and traditions!

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Before we dive into this week’s blog lets congratulate all the fabulous couples who got engaged! Getting married is an exciting time and we couldn’t be happier for you and your fiancé. We are here to guide you on your journey down the aisle with these amazing LGBTQ+ wedding trends and traditions!

1. Unique Ceremony Setting

Make your wedding a bit more intimate with this amazing ceremony trend! Instead of the normal straight rows couples opt for more unique ceremony settings. Especially in the LGBTQ+ community we noticed couples often choose a circular or spiral ceremony setting for more intimacy. These incredible settings are the perfect way to feel surrounded by all your loved ones and have them more involved in your happy union! Another lovely aspect of this trend is that it offers every guest a great view of the stunning couple. If this trend speaks to you then these unique ceremony settings might be the perfect choice for your wedding!

Photo: Old Church Chapel
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Photo: Old Church Chapel

2. Together Down the Aisle

What better way to start your journey down the aisle then together with your lovely fiancé? That’s right walk down the aisle with your fiancé towards your happily ever after. Walking down the aisle together is a trend that has increased among same sex weddings the past year. Instead of having a loved one give you away on your special day, same sex couples take a different approach with this incredible trend. We believe that this LGBTQ+ wedding trend is a beautiful way to start your journey together, however it may not be right for every same sex couple. Choose what makes you and your fiancé happy, it is your special day after all!

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3. Joint Stag/Hen Party’s

This LGBTQ+ wedding trend is slightly more unconventional, but it might be the perfect choice for you and your fiancé! Instead of two separate hen/stag parties, which are still popular, same sex couples celebrate together by having a joint party, night out or a weekend trip. If your group of friends overlap with your fiancé’s than this might be the perfect trend for you to include everyone in the celebrations. In case you want to make your hen/stag party even more special you can get personalized gifts. Personalized gifts are the perfect addition to your hen/stag party for you and your friends to cherish forever.

Photos: Stag and Hen

4. Add a Splash of Rainbow

Out and proud! We absolutely adore this LGBTQ+ wedding trend as it adds pops off colour and shows the guest your pride for each other. When we think of LGBTQ+ weddings the first thing that pops up in your mind might be the rainbow details. Of course it’s a personal choice to incorporate it into your wedding or not but we just love the pop of colour it adds! Some couples may go all out with rainbow power suits or balloon installations while others might opt for a more subtle approach. Adding a little splash of rainbow with their wedding shoes or the cake could be the perfect way to share your pride without going over the top.

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5. No (Traditional) Bridal Party

Ever consider shaking things up a bit? Then this trend is perfect for you! A same sex wedding does not necessarily mean you need two sets of bridesmaids or groomsmen. Instead of the traditional bridal party don’t let gender influence their roles. The ‘’I do crew’’ or ‘’Honorable guests’’ have a nice ring to it wouldn’t you agree? Have your closest friends wear what they feel comfortable in and take part in your bridal party without gender obligations. This LGBTQ+ wedding trend is perfect to mix up your bridal party for your same sex wedding, doesn’t it look great?!

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6. Skip The Proposal

Are you planning to propose? Your partner might have the same idea and you end up with a double proposal! According to same sex couples we’ve had the pleasure of talking to there is always a risk of getting a double proposal. To ensure you don’t take away this special moment from each other it might be better to talk about it beforehand. Are you both ready for the next step and is a proposal something you want to receive or want to ask? This trend has become popular among LGBTQ+ couples as they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. This trend also helps prevent a double proposal if that’s something you and your partner wish to avoid. Whatever you decide we are happy for you and wish you all the happiness in the world just like this fabulous trans couple Hannah and Jake!

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7. Collaborative Suit Shopping

What’s better then sharing more memories with your partner? Instead of shopping for your wedding attire separately with friends and family shake this up with this incredible LGBTQ+ wedding trend! Collaborative suit shopping is the perfect trend for same sex couples to create more memories on their journey down the aisle. Shopping together gives you the opportunity to ensure your attires don’t clash with each other on your special day. If you both want to go the extra mile, we noticed that wearing the same suit has become quite popular among same sex couples. Whatever you decide we support your choice wholeheartedly and we are positive you and your partner will look fabulous walking down the aisle!

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8. Extravagant Wedding Photography

This LGBTQ+ wedding trend might be our personal favorite! Make your wedding even more memorable with these amazing wedding photography ideas. Extravagant wedding photography is a trend that we noticed more same sex couples incorporate in their wedding. Go all out for your wedding shoot with coloured smoke, rainbow confetti or even a paint battle, you only get married once! Incorporating this incredible wedding trend on your special day will create more unique memories to look back on with your spouse!

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Photo: Ze Liang Photography
Those were some of the most incredible LGBTQ+ wedding trends of 2022, what did you think? We absolutely love these trends and can’t wait to help you incorporate them in your special day. Was there a trend that caught your interest, but you need further advice or help for you special day? We are here to help you create the wedding of your dreams!! Contact us today to start your journey down the aisle and happily ever after!
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