Choosing your DJ for the big day

Entertainment is one of the main elements which can make /break a wedding . It is very significant for the new couple and their guests to enjoy the party and dance all night.

Whether you decide to have a DJ for your entire reception or just to play after the band you should ensure that your DJ is the best available and specialises in weddings.

Key objectives when choosing your DJ:

Contact at least three DJ’s and discuss the fundamentals :

  • DJ needs to have vast library to ensure he can provide music which all generations can enjoy
  • Number of guests
  • Timings
  • Price /Value for money /Booking deposit
  • Length of play
  • Experience
  • Equipment type /quality
  • Has he back up equipment & is there a back up DJ
  • Attire

Go & listen to your preferred one /two DJ’s perform preferably at a wedding:

  • Guage the crowd
  • Is the dancefloor full
  • Does the style of music being played match your requirements

It is important that the DJ understands the context and atmosphere you require.

Once DJ has been chosen:

Per wedding meeting:

  • Provide a list with some of your song preferences
  • And with what you don’t like
  • Choose your first dance songs (Ensure you can dance to it ,a very important moment as you open the ball)
  • Ensure early set up & that he tests his equipment
  • Reconfirm play time


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