How to Choose Your Dream Destination Wedding Venue

When it comes to planning a wedding, particularly a destination wedding, the venue is one of the biggest choices you’ll make.  

There are lots of things to consider when planning a wedding in another destination. With 22 years experience in the industry, planning destination weddings in Ireland, we have identified all your challenges planning from afar! Today we share some of our great tips to help you choose your dream destination wedding venue.  

1. Start with Your Guest List

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Before you select a stunning setting for your ceremony, you need to have an idea of the numbers you expect to attend to ensure all guests can be accommodated at your venue.

If your ceremony and reception will be held in two different locations, make sure that both places have the capacity you need.

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2. Check Accessibility

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Now you have determined your numbers, the next step is to review accessibility for you and your guests. Will guests need to travel far from the airport to the venue? You’ll also need to keep in mind guest accommodation if they can’t stay at the venue are there alternatives nearby?

If guests will be driving, it may be the first time many of them will drive on the other side of road which is a challenge in itself or will it be easy to catch a taxi or Uber? If not, perhaps you need to organise transfers?

Consider those attending, is there anyone in particular you want there who may not be able to travel long distances? This could impact the location you choose.

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3. Review Your Budget

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This may seem like an obvious step but budget can often be a deciding factor when picking a wedding venue. Review the amount you have allocated to the venue against your dream options. This will help you to understand what is within your price range.

It’s also worth considering the other additional costs associated with a destination wedding including flights, accommodation and transfers.

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4. Pick a Personal Place

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Have a think about your destination. Is there a certain place with special memories for you and your partner? Or maybe you pick a destination that was once home to one of you. The venue options nearby will be your starting point.

Keep your dream day vision in mind, if there is a certain style or theme you have in mind does the venue have the potential to match that? 

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5. Pay Your Venue a Visit

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If at all possible, try to visit your venue before booking. Although, it’s not essential particularly if you have a planner and with access to such good reviews and virtual tours online. If you visit or do a virtual tour, check the layout and how it meets your wedding vision, walk the grounds and soak in the surroundings in real life.

While there, you may be able to see the venue set up for another wedding. This will help to guide you in decision making when it comes to table settings and reception options further down the line. It will give you and your partner a real opportunity to see your dream day come together! 

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Bonus Tip: Work with a Local Wedding Planner

At Dream Irish Wedding, we work with couples from around the world to bring their Dream Irish Destination Wedding to life! We can help you to choose your dream destination wedding venue and ensure the day is planned and executed to the highest standard.  

We work closely with trusted supplies to take care of every detail for you. All you need to do is arrive at your destination and enjoy the wedding day of your dreams!

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown & Wonder and Magic
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