How to get my dress safely to my destination wedding ?

It is becoming more and more common, and easier, to transport your dress by plane, train or long car journey.


  • ALWAYS carry your wedding dress in the plane as hand luggage. Here is where you can play your “wedding card” again. Call ahead of time, and ask the airline if they will reserve you a space in the closet. Most airlines have closets used by the cabin crew and they may let you hang your dress for the duration of the flight.

What to do if there is no cabin space : (highly popular destination wedding spot, or budget airline)

  • There are garment bags and boxes especially designed for these scenarios.
  • First, make sure that your dress is surrounded with acid-free tissue paper.
  • If it is a large, voluminous dress, pack it in a zipped garment bag, fold the bag in half and place it in the overhead locker.
  • If it is a little smaller and can be folded over more than once, consider using a box to transport it, as long as the size will be accepted as hand luggage.
  • Never try to check it in or send by courier.


  • Surround your dress in lots of acid-free tissue paper
  • Place it in a garment bag and if there is space, lie it flat in the back seat of the car.
  • If not place it in the trunk of the car.

When you arrive at your destination

There will have been some wrinkling of the dress material no matter how you packed or transport it. Be sure that the equipment to steam out these wrinkles is available at your destination. Most hotels will have a steaming facility, you could send your dress to a specialist/ dry cleaner, or you can carry a portable steamer with you. If sending out to a dry cleaners ensure it is one that’s specializes in wedding attire.










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