How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding

Sustainability may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a wedding. However, with a conscious effort by suppliers and couples to move in this direction, there are many more choices available if you want to plan a sustainable wedding.

We know there can be so much to think about when planning a wedding, but with over 22 years of experience in the Irish Destination Wedding industry, we want to take the stress off your shoulders. Take a look at our advice on How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding.

Use Local Suppliers 

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When planning a destination wedding, you may have certain suppliers or vendors in mind. Looking for local alternatives where possible will avoid the need for unnecessary travel and transport emissions. Locally sourced food is a fabulous way to immerse yourself in the culture of your chosen location. 

Another option is to stick for in-season where possible. Speak to your florist to understand what flowers will be in bloom. You may be able to remove the need for importing all your flowers by choosing readily available in Ireland, in-season styles.  

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Reduce & Reuse 

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By putting real thought into what you want on your wedding day, you may be able to reduce the amount of décor and flowers required. Ensure to ask your venue about their onsite décor options.  

When it comes to flowers, another great way to stay sustainable is by re purposing your ceremony flowers at your reception for table settings, cake decoration and floral arrangements within the space, such as your ceremony entrance arch.  

Dried flowers are very much in vogue with fabulous variations available. You can even find florists who specialise in using dried flowers and create some stunning bouquets & arrangements.

Don’t forget to reach out to friends and family who have previously been married to ask if they have any wedding pieces they would be willing to share. Reusing welcome signs, candles, or even wedding veils adds an extra special touch to the day. 

Another option is to use LED candles instead of real wax, which ensures your florist can re-use the candles again and again.

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Travel & Transport 

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When you plan a sustainable wedding, transport may seem like a difficult hurdle to overcome. However, there are ways to keep things environmentally friendly.  

Consider holding your ceremony and reception in the one venue, cutting out the need for travel between locations. If you opt for separate locations, you can use a shuttle bus service to transport your guests. It is a sustainable option and ensures everyone arrives on time and your guests have fun along the way! 

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Sustainable Invitations 

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Wedding invitations can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Remember they do set the tone for the wedding day, so it is important to get them right. They are also a lovely way to showcase your personality as a couple. The good news is there are ways to make your invites sustainable.  

Use recycled paper to create your invites. Many designers will already prefer this option, or you can specifically request it when choosing your design.

The most sustainable invitation is the email version which more and more of our couples are opting for. You can design and create your e-vite with a link for RSVPs through your wedding website/app or just provide an email address.

If you prefer to send the traditional printed invite in the mail perhaps opt for the RSVP by email option.

A wedding website can cut down on having to include an information card with your invitations giving guests information on accommodation options, travel, transport and so forth.  

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Remember Rentals 

Renting is a great way to make your wedding more sustainable! There are a variety of wedding rental options available from dresses to suits, decor to furniture to linens and all in between.

However, if something will be used again it may be worth buying instead of renting depending on costs and perhaps you can then pass to another couple or sell or your florist /planner may be able to re use .

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Don’t Forget

Check with your Wedding Planner to help you make your wedding more sustainable.  

At Dream Irish Wedding, we have built strong relationships with vendors and suppliers through the years to provide you with alternatives we know you will love!  

Photographer: Nicola Webster
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