Ideas & Inspiration for your Valentine’s Wedding

To marry on Valentine’s Day, you must be a true romantic.

1. Inspiration: Begin the planning by answering the following question: “What does Valentine’s Day mean for me” and search for inspiration from your own love story. Look at old pictures and watch ancient movies to get ideas for gowns and tuxedos. Perhaps choose a traditional styled wedding because it is so romantic!

2. Colour Palette: If you are looking for a very different wedding dress, wear a red dress or have your bridesmaids in vibrant red. Red can also be brought into your decor and flowers.

3. The Venue: Ensure to book your location well in advance because there are lots of people who desire to get married on Valentine’s Day. Choose a fairytale place!



4. Decor: Decorate with candles, heart garlands, flowers, gauzy and red fabrics. And create a romantic vibe with soft pink lighting.

5. Flowers: In February red roses are extremely expensive, so choose other flowers such as freesia or tulips or select another colour palette other than red such as whites and ivory’s. You can also add feathers or crystal elements.



6. Entertainment: Create a list full of love songs for your DJ! If budget allows consider fireworks for your winter wedding.

For the after party organize a karaoke., so many of your guests are sure to want to sing love songs to the newly married couples !

Tell your story in a short, snappy love film!


7. Invitation: Reflect your  Valentine’s day themed wedding on your invitation in one simple sentence “Come celebrate happiness, love and romance on Valentine’s Day at the wedding of …” , it will get guests in the mood.



8. Favors: Perhaps a small red box with candies and a tiny thank-you message “Thank you for being our Valentine”.

9. Cocktails: Have all red signature cocktails such as Divatinis, Disaronno Cosmos, Jamaica Margaritas, Pom-Elas or Cranberry Margaritas.

10. Cake: Use a lovely colour mix of white and red for your wedding cake.


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