Preparation before booking your wedding venue

Our Founder & MD Michelle would like to share some of her tips for finding that perfect venue.

Planning your wedding is exciting but so very important to get the venue right.


Take a global vision of your wedding:

  • The season (winter, autumn, spring, summer)
  • The day of the week
  • Time for ceremony which will set agenda for day
  • A guest list to establish number of guests which may attend but always allow 15-20% wash down
  • The theme as not every venue/setting may suit your theme & style.
  • The ceremony (religious or not, on or off site)

These parameters will guide you in choosing your venue


Choose a venue, which meets your expectations and will provide a comfortable atmosphere for guests.

Initially check the venue web site and ensure it sets the tone you require. Then visit the venue where your questions should include:

  • Does it portray a sense of calm and serenity
  • Check if there will be refurbishment or modifications before/during your wedding
  • Will be there another wedding on  your wedding day
  • Can they provide photos of the venue during different seasons




Visit the venue  around the time of your wedding to check out finer details such as the light, sunset time, other business at the venue and access.




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