Say yes to these amazing designers we have discovered through one of our brides who wore one of their dresses in a recent wedding!

Ring the bells on these incredible talented professionals!

Getting married is an exciting time and having said yes to your proposal it’s now time to say yes to the dress! One of our fabulous brides wore one of Amsale Aberra’s stunning designer wedding dresses walking down the aisle. We had heard of this talented designer before but had not realized that she was a professional of colour. This opened our eyes to other talented professionals of colour within the wedding industry. The industry is changing, and bridal couture has diversified with new designers trying to leave their mark but do not receive the exposure and representation they rightfully deserve. Very few professionals of colour are recognized in the industry so let’s change that!

Let’s have a look at these highly talented designers that we found who will make you fall in love all over again. Don’t worry ladies, some of these designers offer online shopping, shipping, or virtual consultations if you are unable to make a trip to their bridal stores. If you are looking for a unique and stunning designer wedding dress for your special day that represents your personality, be sure to check out these incredibly talented designers!

1. Laurie Underwood of Laury Bride

Laurie Underwood is a fabulous designer located in Chicago that pushes the boundaries of the ‘traditional’ bridal couture. With her years of experience as a designer and former contestant of project runway she creates stunning designer wedding dresses that are modern, chic, sophisticated and bold. Laurie believes that a bridal style reflects your personality and therefore should be customizable, chic and unique. If this describes you as a bride be sure to check out all her stunning gowns and say yes to your dress!

2. Cynthia Grafton-Holt of Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture

Based in London, Cynthia Grafton-Holt is known for her handcrafted gowns, modern artistry, refines craftmanship and exquisite attention to detail. Her masterful skills attracted celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Rosamund Pike and Reese Witherspoon to shine in her designs. If you are looking for a personalized dress that ensures an extraordinary experience, then she is the designer for you.

3. Nneka C. Alexander of Brides by NoNA

Brides have become more expressive and outspoken these days and Nneka C. Alexander includes this in her designs. She listens, executes, and designs bridal couture with the upmost pression that celebrities and socialists from the U.S. seek her out. Brides by NoNA let brides express themselves through the design of their gowns and feel exquisite on their wedding day. Brides from all over the world travel to Georgia for a dress from Nneka, will you be one of them?

4. Valentine Avoh

This Belgian designer located in Brussels gains her inspiration from Hollywood sirens and great jazz singers. Valentine Avoh designs bridal couture that is a combination of playful and polished with elegance, distinct embellishments, and feminine silhouettes. Her designs are exclusively available in Europe in France, Italy, and off course Belgium. If you are drawn to her designs and see yourself getting married in perhaps this stunning jump suit, hop on a flight, and go check out her gowns in Belgium!

5. Esé Azénabor

Empowering women through the art of fashion is what motivates designer Esé Azénabor. Brides from all over the world fly to Dalles U.S.A. to obtain one of her designer wedding dresses for their special day. Her designs are inspired from world’s art, God and culture which result in stunning and unique gowns. The gowns are all hand beaded with fine crystals, French lace, tule, stones and pearls and so much more! If you fell in love with this breathtaking gown and can see yourself walking down the aisle, look no further this is the designer for you.

6. Jean Ralph Thurin

If you live in New Jersey U.S.A., then you might have heard of Jean-Ralph Thurin. This designer creates custom-made designs based on the specifications of the buyer. His mission is to make every bride feel exquisitely beautiful and self-assured because her designer wedding dresses reflects who she is. He wants to give every bride exactly what she seeks on her wedding day. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gown and seek a designer that really listens to you then Jean-Ralph is the perfect choice.

7. Andrea Pitter-Campbell of Pantora Bridal

Transforming engaged women into breath taking brides with her collection of stunning bridal ensembles is what designer Andrea Pitter-Campbell stands for. According to Andrea luxury does not have to be delivered with a pinkie up and her gowns focus on representing the unrepresented in bridal mainstream. If you are looking for a modern dress with details and a classic silhouette than you might walk down the aisle in one of her stunning gowns. Pantora Bridal can be found in New York and Los Angeles. 

8. Amsale Aberra of Amsale

Amsale Aberra was known to be the first black female member of the council of fashion designers (CFDA). ‘I believe that true style knows no place or time – more than an aesthetic, STYLE is a way of living’ – Amsale Aberra.  Her gowns mirror its bride’s unique personal style by exuding modern femininity, unstated glamour, and attention to detail.  Amsale can be found in New York and even though Amsale Aberra passed away her team at Amsale continues her vision by creating modern and unique gowns, maybe even your dream dress!

9. Yemi Osunkoyah of Kosibah

Located in Brooklyn New, York Yemi Osunkoyah of Kosibah produces bespoke/custom, made to order and ready to wear gowns for bridal or evening wear. This designer specializes in enhancing elegant and contemporary designs for evening and bridal gowns. The signature style of this designer can be described as figure-enhancing that recreate that classic hourglass shape. Be sure to check out this designer if you are looking for a classic gown that accentuate your amazing figure.

10. Nardos Imam of Nardos Design

Unique architectural designs, eye for colour and impeccable fit is what Nardos Design is known for. Nardos imam credits her inspiration to God and the beauty in each of her clients when creating new designs. Brides from all over the world visit her atelier in Dallas U.S.A. for her special couture experience. Picking a gown from Nardos Design for your wedding day can make saying yes to the dress feel more like an extraordinary experience.

11. Stephanie White of Odylyne the Ceremony

Stephanie White created Odylyne the Ceremony, located in New York, to provide exquisite gowns for brides with an ethereal and free-spirited approach. The beauty of the line of art, sensibility and the deep emotion is embodied in every dress. With the deep appreciation of the delicate moments of the ceremony and the twist of romance represents the ethereal element in the designs. If you want a dress that ties in the feelings of traditional foundations to the exotic and unfamiliar while harnessing the power of your imagination than there is no doubt about it, this is the perfect designer for you!

12. Violette Tannenbaum

Violette Tannenbaum is a French designer located in Paris that creates designer wedding dresses in close collaboration with the brides. She believes that brides can be sexy, free and fashionable women who want to feel confident on their wedding day. Her stunning designs are inspired by women in her family and iconic personalities such as Angela Davis, Nina Simone, Toni Morrison, or designers she admires. Recognize yourself in this designer? Then she may be the perfect professional to help you say yes to your dress.

13. Keisha Ransome of the Lotus Bloom Co.

Keisha Ransome created the Lotus Bloom Co. in Baltimore U.S.A. to provide a stark contrast to the denseness of city living. This designer approaches the market a bit differently, her designer wedding dresses are also available for purchase through ebay and has been a valuable platform over the years. Fluffy, fly, and fabulous, that is what Keisha believes her designs represent. Her brand is tulle centric, and the fine machine netting is her chosen medium in all her designs. If you love tulle as much as Keisha, then this is a match made in heaven that will guaranteed looking fabulous walking down the aisle.

What did you think of these incredibly talented designers aren’t they just amazing? Did you get inspired, fall in love, or even spot your dream dress? These stunning gowns were designed by professionals of colour who prove that the colour of your skin does not define who you are as a professional, your talent does!

What is happening?

Professionals of colour can sometimes be dismissed within the wedding industry around the globe and not taken seriously based on the colour of their skin. At Dream Irish Wedding we believe that every professional deserves to receive recognition for their work regardless of their colour, creed or race.

How does it influence the Irish wedding industry?

Dream Irish Wedding’s main market is discerning couples from around the world but particularly from the USA coming to Ireland for their destination wedding! However, Ireland is known for its welcoming and sociable culture that is more accepting towards other races and ethnicities. Dream Irish Wedding is proud to affiliate themselves with the very best vendors that Ireland has to offer. The vendors that we work with are selected on their talent and expertise and their race or ethnicity does not influence our partnership. Dream Irish Wedding welcomes everyone that is looking for a destination wedding or potential partnership to grow within the industry together!

An industry built on love!

The wedding industry is built on love, love between couples but also the love we as professionals hold for the service we provide. It is time to embrace all the professionals within the industry for their talent and start recognizing their talent. Highlighting these incredible designers is the first step we make to support professionals of colour in our industry.

No one is expecting miracles to happen right away but even the smallest thing can be the first step towards change. You can start with the incredible designers highlighted in this post and go from there!

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