The Final Bridal Beauty Countdown

There are lots of things which you can do in the lead up to the wedding as part of your final bridal beauty countdown so you will look picture-perfect on your wedding day.

  • 1 year ahead: Begin your skincare regimen. Use items for hydrating and nourishing your skin perhaps choose natural cosmetic products made with vegetal elements.Begin a fitness regime perhaps take on the services of personal trainer for maximum motivation.Start haircare treatments by nourishing your hair with some essential oils such as coconut
  • 26 weeks ahead: Start drinking water and sleep as much as possible to feel fit. Cut back on alcohol to stay hydrated. If you haven’t already book a hairstylist and makeup artist who will provide you with that wow look. Keep in mind your dress style & colour and style of veil when deciding on your hairstyle and make up. You can start your monthly eyebrow shaping.

  • 13-14 weeks ahead: Visit the dentist to ensure no cavities which could play havoc on your wedding day. Time to think about teeth whitening and starting a regular exfoliation to remove impurities and regenerate your skin.
  • 6 weeks ahead: If you’re thinking about any bridal botox it’s time to do it. This way you can be sure everything will be smooth and settle on your wedding day. If that’s your first operation, have it done well in advance. This way you can get used to this change at your own pace.

  • 4 weeks ahead: Have a couple of manicures in the lead-up to your wedding day and take care of your nails with dermatological products, using items that will buff and add shine to your nails quickly and easily. Use therapeutic cream to smooth and polish your hands. Obviously, don’t experiment with any new products.
  • 2 weeks ahead: If you are colouring your hair consider doing it two weeks out in case of any disasters so you have time to take corrective action.To prevent some breakouts on your skin avoid dairy products as much as possible like yogurt, milk, cheese and ice cream instead eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

  • 1 week ahead: If you’re are having hair extensions, one week before is the perfect timing giving you some time to get used to them. And you can have  your final haircut at this stage ensuring your hair will be in perfect shape for not just the wedding day but honeymoon also.
  • 3 days ahead: Have a half day of pampering spend some time in a salon to have treatments such as waxing, foot care,manicure… as well as a relaxing massage.

  • The night before: Exfoliate your lips with a lib scrub and hydrating balm to avoid chapped lips. Take a long and relaxing bath. To ensure you get a good night sleep take some time to wind down & relax before bedtime. Breathing techniques that slow your heart rate are particularly good for relaxation at bedtime
  • On your wedding day: Ensure to stay hydrated drinking lots of water during the morning & eat something substantial you won’t look or feel good with an empty stomach. Relax and take a few minutes to think about the meaning of this day for yourself.


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