The ultimate guide on how to ask your wedding party!

After having said yes to your finance it is now time to pop the question to your wedding party! Getting married is a special and exciting time for you and your finance. Share this experience with your wedding party and make it more memorable for them with a special proposal! To help get started we share the ultimate guide on how to ask your wedding party. Keep reading and get inspired, excited, and ready to pop the question!

Edible Proposals:

Edible proposals are by far the most delicious way to ask your wedding party, wouldn’t you agree? These sugary delicacies can be personalized in shape, flavour, name, and bridal duties. Making edible proposals isn’t only fun it adds a personal touch and shows that they were made with love. If baking isn’t your strong suit don’t worry you can always contact a local bakery to help you out! In case edible proposals weren’t great enough already they are also environment friendly. What are you waiting for, start baking or contact a professional, and start asking you bridal party with these delicious edible proposals!

Personalized Gifts:

What better way to propose to your girls then with personalized gifts! These days you can personalize pretty much anything, and we are loving it. You can keep it small with just a single gift or go all out with a gift box specially made for each bridal duty. Personalized gifts show that you took the time to plan the proposal and that you went the extra mile! Remember asking your girls is a special moment for them as much as it is for you. So why not give them a special personalized keepsake to remember it forever!  


We all remember Marilyn Monroe’s iconic words – Diamonds are a girls best friend. It’s true ladies we all love a good diamond as much as the next girl. One thing a diamond can’t do is walk down the aisle on its own, but it can shine on your beautiful bridal party! Propose to your girls with special jewellery that they can wear before, during, and after the wedding!  Your bridal party will look elegant and classy walking down the aisle in their special proposal jewellery.

Say It With Bubbles:

It’s time to pop the question with these incredible champagne/whiskey proposals! Whether you are asking your bridesmaids or groomsmen, you can’t go wrong with these gifts. Personalize the gifts per drink, name, or duty to make the proposal feel extra special. May we suggest a lovely Rose for the ladies and a well-aged Whiskey for the gents? The choice is all yours of course as you know your friends and family the best. Having said yes to your proposal they can pop the cork or pour a drink celebrating the moment together!

Junior Party:

Do you have little brothers, sisters, cousins or nieces and nephews? Include the little ones in your wedding as flowers girls or page boys with these adorable proposals! If you are proposing to your wedding party be sure to propose to the children as well. The proposal doesn’t have to be big just make they feel included and important. Feel free to use your imagination as the children will certainly love it. If the amazing proposal doesn’t convince them, you can always promise them more cake!


Asking your groomsmen is a whole different process then asking your bridesmaids. Men are usually more down to earth and don’t want to make a big fuss about it. If you were to listen to some men, it’s something you can ask over a text message. Not to worry, for those of you who would like to ask in a unique way we’ve got you covered!  We have noticed that some grooms include their fiancé or opt for a personalized drink. Keep it short and to the point with these tiny whiskey shots or go big with personalized gift boxes. No matter how you ask them your groomsmen will feel honoured you want them to be part of your special day.

Honorary Mothers:

Off course there is no way we could ever forget about the fabulous mothers! Where would we be today without these incredible women by our sides. Seeing your child grow up and getting ready to marry their soulmate is a special time. Make your special day even more memorable for both mothers with these lovely keepsakes! Treat these incredible women with their very own wedding day accessories. It goes without saying how much we love and appreciate our mothers, but it doesn’t hurt to show them how much!

Did you get inspired to propose to your wedding party? We hope you enjoyed reading the ultimate guide and be sure to check our other posts. If you would like to get more information, feel free to contact us anytime and we will guide you! To see more wedding inspiration, click here.

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