Top Tips for your Eco-friendly Wedding

Really easy to have an eco-friendly wedding and it doesn’t mean having a toilet paper dress!

Venue for your eco-friendly wedding: Getting married outdoor is a great way to save the environment as no power required and your guests enjoy wonderful scenery. However you can make an indoor ceremony green as well. Choosing the same place for your ceremony & reception will cut back on fuel emissions & using the venue natural sunlight is also an option to be green. Check with your hotels/venues in advance making sure staff pay attention to nature, recycling & are using energy-efficient appliances!

Stationery for your eco-friendly wedding: Its production has a negative impact on the earth . Perhaps create a wedding website which you will update as your wedding plans develop and alert your guests to it through email/text. Or send traditional wedding invites made with recycled paper & an email address for RSVP’s. Use one card for ceremony and reception. Some companies provide paper you can plant after your wedding and it turns into a flower/plant .

Set the tone for your eco-friendly wedding: Reflect your eco-friendly themed wedding in your decorations using organic matters or natural products such as organic cotton for your napkins. Using glass jars as candleholders can also be green friendly. There are lots of possibilities to include eco friendly decor in your wedding.

Flowers for your eco-friendly wedding: Lots of flowers aren’t eco-friendly as they are grown with chemicals products or simply doused with pesticides. Most blooms come from abroad adding fuel emissions and pollution but encourage guests to take your reception floral arrangements home so they are used again. Use seasonal certified flowers perhaps even local! Another option is to use potted plants and flowers as decorations as you can replant them in your backyard.  Alternatively, use dried or silk flowers.

Food for your eco-friendly wedding: Choose a menu with organic and locally grown ingredients. Discuss the best options for your eco-friendly menu with the venue chef. Buying local ensures chef will get fresh food and will use less electricity and fuel for transport. Choose in-season products avoiding transport pollution with exportation and these products aren’t grown in heated greenhouse.

Jewels for your eco-friendly wedding: All jewellery you wear on your wedding day can be eco-friendly, made with recycled gold for example. Ask your jeweler about the origin of your diamond to ensure its green.

Wedding gown for your eco-friendly wedding: Lots of electricity can be used when creating materials for your wedding gown such as satin, tulle… Keep in mind you’ll be wearing it only once in your life! If you would like to wear a new eco friendly wedding dress, check out designers using sustainable fabrics. If your Mum has preserved her wedding gown perhaps use it for your wedding & just make some amendments to the style if required. Another option is a dress from a vintage clothing shop. In both these cases, no new gowns will be produced and it gives a second wear to the dress.

Favours for your eco-friendly wedding: Ensure your gift packages are biodegradable. Perhaps you could give a donation to a charity instead of favours. Advise your guests about your contribution via word of mouth or write it on menu (only print 2/3 menus per table). If you give a treat to your guests, choose an edible or practical favour ie use local products from a local orchard or farm. Give something guests could recycle or take home such as bamboo plants/seeds.

Registry for your eco-friendly wedding: Opt for an eco-friendly gift list to catch guest attention about saving the earth. Give priority to organic & natural items. A charitable donation is another eco option you could consider.


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