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Signature cocktails are a great way to make your wedding celebration more festive & personal . They can play a key role in your wedding style, theme & colour.





















Things to take into consideration:

  • Your guests: While you can’t please everyone, if you opt for more than one cocktail it will appeal to a wider range of guests. You might decide to serve a non-alcoholic cocktail also! Guests will find a vodka based cocktail easier to drink than Bourbon, Cognac and Tequila. Some guests may have some allergy reactions to specific ingredients so always good to have the bar list ingredients for guests to see.

  • Fresh Ingredients: Fresh & in seasonal fruits, homemade juices and syrups will give your cocktails better taste & appeal. Using fresh ingredients make a higher quality cocktail and it contain less sugar than pre-packaged mixers, so better for your guests health!

  • Season: The time of year can give you great inspiration and wonderful to reflect the flavours of the season.

  • Location: Adapt your drink according to your venue. If the place is known for a specific alcohol, incorporate it! It’s a way to share culture. E.g Knappogue Castle Whiskey.

  • Colour: Select a drink that matches your palette. Signature cocktails are available in pretty much any colour. Obviously, some mixing can give another shade of the selected colour as you can see in the following strawberry cocktails.

  • Personal: Is there a drink that has a special significance in your relationship – something you drank on your first date for example? Choosing a personal drink can add a personal touch to your wedding. If your venue has a mixologist you could have him create your very own signature cocktail.

  • Theme: Signature cocktails can be used to enhance the wedding theme, there is sure to be a cocktail to match your wedding style! But if not you can have the bar tender create one to your specification..

  • Presentation: Important to take into consideration the presentation of your signature cocktail to ensure you impress your guests & that it is in keeping with your wedding style. You can use mason jars and glasses of all shapes & sizes. Pay attention to the garnish always good to use some fresh fruits & flowers…

  • Name :That’s a really fun aspect, some words like:”Golden Groom” or “Blushing Bride” can increase the pleasant mood. Name beposke or rename old favourite cocktails as you desire!

  • Signage: Once you have chosen and/or named your cocktails, put some signage here and there to tell guests about it. Use napkins, coasters with your monogram perhaps… to set off your signature drinks.




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