Top Tips On Choosing A Wonderful Wedding Day Menu

You have planned every single aspect of your wedding from the venue to bridal gown and now to the very important part of your reception the wedding day menu.
Today on our BLOG “Top Tips on choosing a wonderful Wedding Day Menu”.

Your wedding day menu can match your wedding theme.

Your wedding dinner menu can match your wedding theme e.g. if you are having an Irish themed wedding you can have a typical Irish dish like Roast Irish lamb or Irish stout beef casserole for main course or Bailey’s Irish cheesecake for dessert. If your wedding is themed after a colour you can have matching dishes. For instance for a red themed wedding the chef can use beets and berries to colour the food particularly the dessert.

The dishes served should fit the format of your dinner

The format of the dinner will determine the style and type of dishes: some dishes work better plated while others will be more appreciated on a buffet. If you are having a formal reception guests will be seated and you can serve elaborate dishes. If you are having a more relaxed atmosphere you can opt for a buffet and food stations such as fresh seafood station, carving station and pasta station. You could also combine the two formats by serving the main dishes seated and having a dessert station.

The menu can reflect your food preferences and tastes

Consider customizing your dinner menu to feature some of your favourite dishes and ingredients once they lend themselves to the style of your menu and volume service. To personalize your menu you can perhaps have the dessert you ate at your first rendezvous, like ice-cream!

The taste of your dinner depends on the products used

Remember tasty dishes have to be cooked with tasty products. Each season brings its own timely signature ingredients which are full of wonders. You can start your summer wedding with some hors d’oeuvres like spicy tuna tartar ; goats cheese, honey and fig canapés or Parma ham and vegetables roe.  Then foie gras with onion chutney and gingerbread is perfect for a summer starter, followed by a beef grilled filet mignon. Finish with a fresh dessert such as homemade lemon ricotta with strawberries to go with your wedding cake.

Your wedding menu should suit your guests’ tastes

When choosing the courses for your wedding dinner do not forget that your tastes are not everyone else’s tastes. Try to have classical dishes liked by most of people and to include particular tastes as sides. For instance if you want to have strong spices do not include them in the dish itself but in the sauce to let your guests choose to add it or not. Apart from your guests tastes you also have to consider their food habits and have vegan and perhaps gluten-free available versions of your dinner.

Wedding Day Menu Tasting

We advise always doing a menu tasting to ensure what you have chosen is exactly as you thought. When tasting samples of your dinner think about things like the meat cooking and details such as the seasoning. As we eat with our eyes the visual is very important ensure it sits well on the plate and looks appetizing. Best that at least two different people do the tasting preferably you and your fiancé… lovely date night before the big day.


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