Top tips to be a Zen Bride on your Wedding Morning

The last preparations can be very stressful moments for every bride and on your wedding morning time will seem to fly… but  stand still at the same time. On our BLOG today we share our “Top tips to be a Zen Bride on your Wedding Morning”.

Relax while you plan your wedding

The first thing to do to ensure you are a zen bride on your wedding day is to anticipate the relaxation! While planning your big day start practicing relaxation methods such as meditation, yoga or simple breatheing exercises to get calm. Ensure to enjoy time with your partner he is sure to help elevate the pressure of the wedding. Take some time to relax together e.g. by taking a stroll in a meadow, having a nap in a park or sitting by the ocean or even simply watching a romantic black and white film.

Have a time on your own to settle peace on your mind

On the wedding morning you will feel the stress and the excitement of the day as soon as you put one toe out of your bed! To help keep calm have a hot and relaxing bath with relaxing beautiful smelling candles. After this have a light breakfast with fresh fruits for the vitamins and a treat such as a chocolate muffin to lift you. Then enjoy the morning light with a cup of tea while reading your soul mate love letter just hand delivered before the maddness of the bridal party and mum arrival.

Enjoy being pampered

When choosing your make-up artist and hairstylist ensure they have bubbly, easy going personalities which will ensure you are kept completely calm on the morning. To add to your pampering on the morning consider having a masseur who will give massages to you and the girsl in between hair and make up.

Spend some time with your mum

Your mum will be there for you in the lead up and you will probably want to spend some time in private with her before that the busy day starts perhaps have her call to your room for breakfast just the tow of you. Enjoy it being just the two of you to give her her wedding gift with a letter you wrote for her. Have a chat and get more relaxed by listening to her wedding memories and maybe some fun stories such as Uncle Franck’s hilarious toast. Try to take the most of this moment with your mum: you and she will probably be monopolized by guests during the rest of the day!

Make the most of your bridesmaids

The bride traditionally shares the largest part of her wedding morning with her bridesmaids. make the most of it chatting with your friends is sure to relax you, sharing your memories together; talking about funny stories you lived through together, including your bachelorette / hen party  … And even before you realize, it will be time for you to get dressed in your gorgeous bridal gown, still with your bridesmaids help. And you will finally can walk down stairs and join your dad… without any bad stress!

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