Wedding Traditions you can Skip… or Improve

Modern Brides you may be thinking that there are some Wedding Traditions which don’t match your style. On our BLOG today we give you 6 Wedding Traditions you can Skip… or Improve!

The white bridal gown

Wedding Tradition dictates that the bridal gown should be white but you might prefer wearing another colour for your big day. Choose to wear an ivory, champagne or pale colour like pink or blue gown if you would like different but do not want too noticeable a colour. Add a pop of additional colour to your look by having coloured shoes, jewels, sash or headpiece. If you want something really different from the white dress opt for a red or even black gown if you are truly brave! Take inspiration from three non white dresses we like, designed by #Morilee, #MoniqueLhuillier and #VeraWang.

The long white wedding veil

Wedding veils are a wonderful piece of the bridal look but maybe you prefer to wear something more convenient? There are lots of options for you to highlight your hairstyle without a veil: a chic headband, a luxurious comb, some sparkly hair clips, a natural flower crown… or even nothing at all!

The matching bridesmaids dresses and bouquets

The bride is the main character of a wedding, but without her bridesmaids’ help she could be a bit lost on her wedding day. A great way to thank them is to let them show their personalities by having mismatching dresses. Choose different dresses and play with shapes and colours. Best to make it cohesive by choosing shades of a same colour. Alternatively if you would like to have matching bridesmaids’ dresses with a twist distinguish them by their bouquets. The bouquets can be created from various flower colours or the stems wrapped in different ribbons.

The Bride and Grooms guests are seated on separate sides

Consider banishing the “Groom and Bride sides” if your ceremony site allows you to do so and if you prefer a non traditional set up. Getting married is joining two families and perhaps guests should just have to “pick a seat, not a side”. Circle or spiral seating around the altar area is a great alternative if your venue allows it and works very well for an outdoor ceremony.

The father of the bride walks her down the aisle

For a more modern wedding opt for the new twist of this Wedding Tradition: the Bride being escorted down the aisle by her father AND mother. This great moment can be even greater if you share it with your two parents. If they are not able to escort you, you can also make your way to your fiancé with a close relative or even your best friend.

The Ceremony

There is lots of scope for updating traditional ceremony customs particularly if you are having a secular ceremony on site at venue as opposed to a church ceremony. Add a fresh spin to unity rituals for instance by making your own sand bottle instead of lighting the classic candle. You also can add in some other kind of rituals such as the wine box: lock a bottle of wine and love letters in a box during the ceremony to be opened on a predetermined anniversary date and hand fasting which is a lovely Celtic ritual.

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Happy couples, hope our BLOG today helps you to choose which Wedding Traditions you will include in your modern wedding. Feel free to contact us for further advice:

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