What’s The Best Wedding Venue for Me?

When it comes to wedding planning, choosing a venue is a common roadblock. Your wedding venue is undoubtedly the biggest decision where planning is concerned, as it sets the tone for your entire celebration. Choose a castle venue, and you’re going to have an atmosphere of grandeur. Go boutique, and things will feel a little on the cosier side.

Couple in front of Adare Manor

But where to start? Whether you’re specifically looking for an Irish hotel venue, or are open to a variety of venues, including luxurious castles and more, finding the venue right for your day is key to its success.

Still not sure which wedding venue type to go for? In this blog post, Guest Blogger, Irish wedding directory, Wedding Suppliers, breaks down the pros & cons of some of the most popular options so you can get a feel for what’s out there.


Hotels are easily one of the most popular choices for wedding venues, largely because planning is minimised (at least as much as it can be, where weddings are concerned).

With hotels, catering & rentals will be taken care of – plus, you’ll have an events manager at your fingertips. That said, the pros here can also be cons, in that you’re limited to who you can work with and will likely have little flexibility with how much it’ll cost.


One-stop shop
Built-in accomodation
Rentals included


Limited vendors
Fixed packages


With a castle venue, you’re pretty much guaranteed stunning photos and a site that’ll impress your guests. The only drawbacks here are the space constraints, as these venues often have smaller rooms with limited capacity.

A historic setting also means you’re stuck with the décor. That said, you’ll have the opportunity to bring in whatever vendors you want, as castles are less likely to have vendors included (this can be a con, too, depending on how much you want to plan), so you can bring your personal tastes in elsewhere.


Wow-factor setting
Customisable vendors


Space (too much or too little)
Fixed décor


Country homes are becoming more & more popular for wedding venues as the rustic wedding theme continues to dominate. Beautiful indoor décor makes for a stunning ceremony venue, while perfectly-manicured outdoor grounds with charming details are a gorgeous backdrop for photos.

Depending on the specific country house you choose, you’re much more likely to be on your own where vendors are concerned. The venue rental cost will likely be less expensive than a hotel, but that’s because you’ll have to pay for and organise everything else: catering, rentals, outdoor tenting and sometimes even lighting.


Indoor & outdoor venues
Manicured outdoor spaces


Pretty much DIY



As you might’ve guessed from the pros & cons list, a boutique venue often means a smaller wedding, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your wedding plans. A smaller space means you’ll have to restrict the guest list, so if your mother is insisting on inviting your cousin’s best friend’s mother-in-law, this could come as music to your ears.

Boutique venues will also often offer a cosier, more intimate atmosphere, where you’ll be able to interact more with your guests and turn your planning attention to the little details. But with smaller venues come limited facilities – from limited parking to inadequate catering facilities, and these are things important to consider.


Smaller space = smaller numbers = smaller cost!
Cosier atmosphere


Limited space
Limited facilities

This blog was contributed by Wedding Suppliers, an all-in-one planning tool for Irish weddings. Online or with the Wedding Suppliers app, brides & grooms can access and query a wide range of handpicked vendors – including everything from photographers to venues – and plan their big day in one place.

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