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Ideas for your Christmas Wedding

— Christmas and Weddings have a common theme, assemble family and friends for  unforgettable moments. Both of those events have their own individual charm but share the same things such as candles, beautiful table decoration, wonderful food, happiness and a magical ambiance. Colours : While many will opt for the traditional colours of red, green and gold, other colour combinations such as silver, turquoise and white, pure gold, purple combo for the regal touch or navy & silver are all wonderful Christmas theme colours Decoration : Incorporate snowflakes, glitter, Christmas trees, fake snow, holly and tree branches to give the Christmas cheer.
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Have a destination wedding to limit your guest list Choose intimate ceremony & reception venues See your wedding as an intimate party Include your guests in your pre-wedding day activities Splurge on a selection of signature drinks, wines & champagne Opportunity to serve gourmet food, perhaps have a tasting menu Have your guests sit “family style” during dinner Instead of band or DJ, have a “traditional Irish” night of music, song and dance Engage a wedding planner remember regardless of numbers the planning & organisation requirements are the same ! Favours/welcome gifts : Small numbers may mean the budget streches
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