Incredible trends we experienced that will make your proposal perfect to pop the question!

We believe that there is no greater pleasure in life then finding your soulmate, the person who loves you unconditionally and makes your heart skip a beat. Starting your happily ever after together begins with the perfect proposal. Planning the perfect proposal can seem daunting but don’t you worry, we are here to help! These 5 incredible trends that we experienced and absolutely loved will make your proposal perfect to wow your future fiancé!! With these trends you can’t go wrong, the love of your life will say ‘YES’ and your future together will begin with the perfect proposal!

The perfect proposal is more than just asking the love of your life to be yours forever. You need to ask yourself what’s important to them, is there a special place that hold meaning, which ambience do I want to create etc. to get that definite ‘YES’. Planning on proposing and need a little help to blow your lover’s mind? Keep reading and let us inspire you with these trends we experienced that will make your proposal pop!

1. Lavish, keep them guessing productions

These days couples talk openly with each other about ring design which eliminates the element of surprise when proposing to your partner. This approach does not appeal to everyone and those that want to keep the element of surprise often opt for a more lavish production. The proposal becomes more extraordinary and a full-blown event instead of just popping the question. Going for a lavish and grand production will exceed your partner’s wildest imagination but do not underestimate the time and effort it takes! Proposers can opt to hire a professional proposal/wedding planner or ask friends and family to help. The most important thing to remember is that there is no wrong way to pop the question if it feels right!

2. Outdoor, Instagram-worthy locations

We believe that creating the perfect setting is an important aspect of any proposal. Wherever you plan to propose to your soulmate it is important to make sure it will be Instagram-worthy! As you know your partner so well you are sure to find the perfect location that they would consider Instagram-worthy. Outdoor proposals have gotten very popular especially after spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic.

If you want to go the extra mile and blow your partner away with the most unique and Instagram-worthy proposal, you might want to consider a destination proposal. Is there a special destination you had your first vacation together or perhaps another special memory that would make the destination proposal the perfect choice to pop the question?! Naturally we will be with you every step of the way if you need any help planning the proposal of your dreams wherever it may be!

3. Collaborative ring design experiences

Just a few years ago, couples would not even think about shopping for rings together – nowadays it seems to be the new reality when getting engaged. Ladies the days of dropping subtle hints to your partner are no more. Talk with your partner, be honest, start the conversation and before you know it there will be a ring on your finger! Instead of date night take a trip to the jeweller and look for the perfect ring together. Shopping for rings has become more popular and according to many jewellers at least half of the couples design the ring together. Great news for the proposers cause this makes picking out the perfect ring an easier process. You will know for sure that they will love it but most importantly you will know that they will say ‘YES’!!

4. Partnership proposals

Couples these days are breaking ‘tradition’ in the industry with partnership proposals, male engagement rings and joint proposals. Engagements are becoming more progressive each year, and this is mostly seen among LGBTQ weddings, but heterosexual couples also tend to adapt to these new ways. Women proposing to their man or couples planning their engagement together is becoming more common and we are loving it!

We believe that every couple is unique and therefore the way that they get engaged should reflect that in whichever way makes them happy. In case of a same-sex engagement it sometimes happens that they both propose on the same day or the other will propose shortly after saying yes themselves. No matter how our couples decide to get engaged we are always delighted to be part of their love story. Whenever that is planning their proposal, wedding, or anniversary we absolutely adore every one of them!

Captured by: Gearóid

5. Hyper-personalized and creative proposals

Every relationship is unique and so should your proposal! Everyone knows how it goes, getting down on one knee saying a lovely short speech and asking your partner to be yours forever. This will most likely never change but that doesn’t mean proposals stay the same throughout the years. In 2022 creative and personalized proposals are key and proposers are looking for the perfect way to make their proposal unique and an authentic symbolization of their relationship.

After everything that happened during the pandemic couples have changed their view on public proposals. Heartfelt and personalized proposals with unique props can be just as unique and romantic as grand public gestures. Getting a special sign, personalized ring box or spelling out ‘Will You Marry Me?’ in lavish flowers seems to be the go-to approach of proposers these days. Planning personalized proposals is the perfect way to create an emotional, memorable, and romantic moment. It’s definitely a trend we expect to stick around for many years!

What did you think of these up-and-coming proposal trends in 2022, aren’t they just amazing! Did you find a trend that would be perfect for your proposal but need a bit more guidance? We wouldn’t be Ireland’s most sought-after wedding planner if we didn’t prepare for this! We are delighted to share a few of our golden tips with you to ensure that your proposal will be perfect, and the love of your life will say ‘YES’!

Golden tips for your happily ever after:

1. Hire a photographer or artist to capture the beautiful moment
2. Setting the mood can help you stay in the moment and make the proposal more romantic
3. Floral décor with your partners favourite flower shows that you care and pay attention to detail
4. Proposal planners can help you plan an extraordinary proposal and take some of the stress off
5. Proposal parties are back, include all your close friends and family to celebrate this joyous occasion
together after popping the question!
6. Destination proposals are the perfect way to revisit your favourite places and create more wonderful memories
7. Rent out a venue for more privacy and get vendors involved to create a unique proposal together

This could be you! We would love to congratulate those who got engaged or are about to be. If you need any help planning the proposal of your partners dreams, please do not hesitate to contact us. Dream Irish Wedding would be delighted to work with you to make it happen from engagement to wedding! What are you waiting for contact us and let’s start planning your happily ever after!

A special thank you to all the fabulous photographers who captured the lovely photos featured in the blog!!

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