The language of flowers for your wedding day

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Carrying a bridal bouquet is a wedding tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Flowers are the perfect way to brighten up your special day. When choosing their wedding florals, many brides choose flowers that match their own character as well as wedding style. If you need help finding your perfect match, we’ve got you covered! Especially for you, our blushing brides, we have listed our favourite wedding flowers and what they symbolise. Keep reading to learn all about the language of flowers, what different flowers mean and signify in terms of characteristics, emotion and style of your wedding!


Roses are an all-time favourite among engaged couples and for good reason! These gorgeous flowers are the symbol of love, beauty, and romance so perfect for a wedding. Roses come in various colours and each one has their own special meaning, isn’t that lovely! Red roses, a classic choice, symbolizes passion, beauty, and love while white roses stand for innocence, purity, and youthfulness. If you are looking for a soft and sweet colour then light/dusty pink roses might be the one for you. These gorgeous roses symbolize grace, gentleness, and admiration for your partner, what’s not to love! The final rose colour that’s popular right now is peach, these flowers represent gratitude and sincerity, both important for a loving marriage.

Roses are great for your dream wedding as they are available all year round and reasonably prices. If you are looking for romance, passion, and beauty then roses are the perfect wedding florals for you!

Baby’s Breath

Add a touch of romance to your wedding with this lovely and subtle flower. Baby’s breath is quite popular among brides, and we totally understand why! This flower is mostly seen in the colour white but also comes in a lovely pink and pale yellow. According to the language of flowers, white baby’s breath symbolizes innocence, fertility, and everlasting love, which is why it’s perfect for weddings! The yellow flowers represent joy and friendship as well as light, cheer, and happiness. Pink baby’s breath is mostly seen in baby showers or after a baby girl is born as it symbolizes femininity, charm, and tenderness. This doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate it in your wedding because it also stands for romance! If you are looking for a romantic and subtle way to make your bouquet more special, then baby’s breath might be the perfect choice.


Gratitude, perseverance, and heartfelt emotion, that’s what hydrangeas symbolize in the language of flowers. These beautiful flowers come in blue and white which can be paired with a variety of flowers! We absolutely love these florals as they smell amazing and bring elegance mixed with a sense of luxury to your wedding. They are lush and gorgeous which makes them perfect for your bridal bouquet, center pieces or ceremony florals. Hydrangeas are in season through the summer and their variety of hues and shapes makes then whimsical and rustic. Are you a modern and romantic bride, then you might be looking for hydrangeas for your dream wedding!


Daffodils are the perfect flower for a wedding as they symbolize new beginnings. Getting married in the spring, then this flower may be the perfect choice. We know winter is over when we spot these stunning flowers as they announce the arrival of spring! Incorporate this fragrant flower in your bouquet to represent the new beginning of your journey together. This flower is mostly paired with yellow flowers but as you can see it goes perfectly with any colour! Another lovely characteristic of this flower is attracting butterflies, that’s right we said butterflies!! With this amazing flower you are guaranteed to experience butterflies in your stomach and all round you.


Freesias are known as the ultimate flower of trust, honesty, friendship, and innocence. They represent the importance of friendship in a marriage and the intimate trust the couple has in each other. This flower is therefore the perfect choice for weddings, wouldn’t you agree?! In the United States freesias are recognized as the official flower to gift your partner on your 7th wedding anniversary. Their fresh and fruity fragrance is lovely however can be quite overpowering. To prevent their lovely scent from interfering with your reception menu we suggest to only use this flower in your bridal bouquet.

Lilly of the Valley (Convallaria)

Lilly of the valley is a subtle yet elegant flower perfect for your bouquet. Did you know that Kate Middleton had these very flowers in her bridal bouquet?! The Duchess of Cambridge knows her flowers language as they symbolize happiness, trustworthiness, and purity of heart. After the Royal wedding this flower became even more popular among brides who are looking for a classy and elegant bouquet. Lilly of the valley can also be paired with a variety of other flowers to match your character perfectly for your special day.


This stunning flower, the Anemone, comes in a variety of four colours. White anemones are often seen in bridal bouquets and symbolize anticipation in the language of flowers. The other colours being red, blue, and purple are less popular but are still considered a fabulous wedding flower. One of our blushing brides, Natalie a Texan beauty, looked absolutely radiant with her Anemone bouquet. The dark center and white petals will look beautiful with your dress especially when taking photos outside. If you are looking for a unique bouquet that symbolizes the anticipation you will feel on your wedding day, then this flower is the perfect choice for you!


Proteas are gorgeous flowers that date back over 300 million years! They are known for variation in colour and sizes symbolizing diversity and courage. If you are looking to make a statement with your bouquet this flower is the perfect way to do so! Proteas are perfect for bouquets and centerpieces paired with other flowers or on their own. The flower does its symbolism justice as its unique appearance diversifies itself from other flowers. Proteas are the official flower of South-Africa and are only available from June until October.

Sweet Pea (Lathyrus)

Sweet Pea is a delicate two petal flower with a rich fragrance. In the language of flowers Sweet Pea symbolizes delicate/blissful pleasures and initial enjoyment. Available in an array of tones this flower is perfect for any colour palette and wedding theme. Paired with other florals your bouquet will be firm and pop with colour on your special day. Some brides associate this beautiful flower with inspiring thoughts for a country wedding, what do you think? This lovely flower is also known as romantic and reflects kindheartedness.


Who doesn’t love Peonies with their beautiful colours and fragrant smell?! Traditionally given on a special occasion to express best wishes, joy, and goodwill which makes them perfect for weddings. Peonies symbolize a lot of things: happiness, romance, beauty, love, compassion, honor and most important of all a happy marriage. These gorgeous flowers bloom from late spring to early summer and flower for 7-10 days. Peonies are one of the most sought-after wedding flowers, after roses, and we absolutely love them! Make your bridal bouquet or top table centerpiece pop with some lovely peonies!

No matter which flower you choose your wedding will be perfect. You get to marry the love of your life and no flower can match the beauty of that moment. Hopefully the language of flowers has helped you find your perfect wedding florals that match your character! If you would like to know more about this interesting language and how they can signify your emotions, feel free to contact us. We wish you and your fiancé a marvelous wedding filed with love and happiness!

~ Warm thank you to all the wonderful photographer who provided the stunning images ~

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