Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colour Palette

One of the first things to decide on when planning your wedding is your colour palette Today we share Tips On Choosing The Perfect Wedding Colour Palette which are sure to enhance your celebration.

  • Take into consideration your location: Inside or outside ceremony? Old or new venue? Do you need to change some things in the existing decoration? Before choosing your wedding colour palette,ensure it suits the wedding ceremony & reception space.

  • Think of your wedding party party /guests: Consider your bridesmaids especially if they are wearing one of your chosen colours from head to toe. Select colour shades flattering to everyone.

  • Browse magazines: You are not restricted to standard colours such as pink, red, blue and so on. There are lots of different shades and tints of each one. Obviously, research is necessary to find your matched colours.
  • Look around you: Observe and retain what colours appeal & strike you the most. Remember the best colour combinations are either neighbours or totally opposites.

  • Mood setting: Which word describes best your wedding? Rustic? Quiet? Fun? Sweet? Bohemian? Share your mindset with guests. If a colour you love doesn’t match with the mood, try to balance it out with others. Don’t forget each colour have a specific meaning and affect both mood and emotions.
  • Widen horizons: Don’t focus only on the season’s colours, think of ways your colours have been used throughout your Country’s history and own culture.

  • Colour limit: Try keep to four colours maximum for your wedding colour palette because it could be difficult to make more than that work together.

  • Destination wedding:For a destination wedding you can follow typical colours associated to your location. For your wedding in Ireland use green colour commemorating St Patrick.

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