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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colour Palette

One of the first things to decide on when planning your wedding is your colour palette Today we share Tips On Choosing The Perfect Wedding Colour Palette which are sure to enhance your celebration. Take into consideration your location: Inside or outside ceremony? Old or new venue? Do you need to change some things in the existing decoration? Before choosing your wedding colour palette,ensure it suits the wedding ceremony & reception space. Think of your wedding party party /guests: Consider your bridesmaids especially if they are wearing one of your chosen colours from head to toe. Select colour shades flattering
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Top Tips for a Wonderful Celtic Themed Wedding in Ireland

If you are you are having a wedding in Ireland and would like to have some Celtic traditions as part of it todays BLOG is sure to give you lots of ideas “ Top Tips for a Wonderful Celtic Themed Wedding in Ireland”. HISTORY OF A CELTIC WEDDING Celtic weddings were simple and meaningful. Their weddings often took place outside with nature to bless the union. Nature was very important to the Celts. Modern couples can take some of these meaningful beliefs and incorporate them into their wedding ceremony by using some of the old Celtic rituals, traditions and symbols.
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