Tips when including Pets in your Wedding

If you are one of these people treating their pet as a member of their family, you should seriously consider incorporating your furry loved one into your wedding day. There are lots of possibilities: he could be the sign holder, the flower girl escort, the ring bearer or he could simply attend as an honoured guest.

Some key considerations to take into account:

  • Kind of animal: Nowadays we own all kinds of “pets” from lizards to snakes. Obviously some of these exotic animals could be dangerous. In addition, guests could be really terrified. Not all of them are suited to a wedding.
  • Personality: Your fluffy friend can be either energetic & nervous or sweet & quiet. As he will play a key role on your wedding day make sure to be prepared to avoid any mishaps on the day. Preparation can include walking in your communal park or let him participate in a training camp. If he is nervous with people around him limit his role and perhaps he would leave during the ceremony.

  • Role: Whatever his role, be patient & flexible as your pet may not do all the things you have planned. Ensure your pet is appropriate for the kind of wedding you desire.
  • Check with your venue: Some venues (ceremony + reception) don’t allow pets so ensure you check them out in advance. An outside ceremony would be the easiest to incorporate your pet into. Ensure to notify your officiant well in advance. Check to ensure there are no toxic plants or anything else which could be a danger for your fluffy pet.

  • Let your guests know about it: Let guests know as soon as possible in case they have any allergy to pets. You can advice guests in your save-the-date card or on your website and of course by word of mouth.
  • Pet accessories/costumes: Pending your wedding theme & colour palette, dress your cute pet in matching attire e.g. a flower crown, a short skirt, a bow tie with a tuxedo or even a knot-shaped pin. Ensure the attire doesn’t obstruct his breathing or movement.

  • Dog food: Appoint someone to take some food for your pet and ensure he always has fresh water at his disposal.
  • Keep an eye on him: To avoid mishaps, appoint someone to keep an eye and handle your pet. If there is no friend or a family member available you can hire a handler.


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