Top trends from the Spring 2015 Bridal Fashion Week

Brides-to-be who are still looking for your perfect wedding gown our blog today will give you wonderful ideas for your perfect big day dress. We bring you the top trends from the Spring 2015 Bridal Fashion Week. Your wedding look will definitively be à la mode!




Be elegant in a fluid shaped wedding gown

The main trend of Bridal Fashion Week 2015 is softer looking gowns. Designers use breezy fabrics and give their creations more fluid shapes. We love the elegant and relaxed look this gives wedding dresses. If you decide to wear one you will look amazing and serene in your wedding gown. Take inspiration from our favorite fluid shaped gowns designed by #Watters, #JennyPackham and #MiraZwikkinger.

Be stunning in a simple white gown

Simplicity is a big trend this season! Clean lines, pure white… A sheer wonder for brides who are looking for a modern minimalist designed wedding dress. These aesthetical gowns are perfect for those of you who want to feel comfortable and very chic on their wedding day. Our top three favorite gorgeous simple white wedding gowns are designed by #Amsale, #LaSposa and #JMendel.

Be sensual in your off-the-shoulders wedding dress

If you want a romantic and sensual look for your wedding, the off the shoulder dress style is for you. The shape is figure-flattering with the sleeves that accentuate your waist. This wedding gown style is a classic one but designers are all adding to this classic style with lovely embroidery, pearls or rhinestones and using a mix of fabrics. We are in love with these three wedding dresses designed by #Marchesa, #LaSposa and #MartinaLiana.

Be surprising in a colored bridal gown

White is for sure the traditional color for a wedding gown. But brides can have a less traditional look! This season, designers show unexpected colors for wedding gowns: pistachio, purple, golden, shades of blue and pink… Fashion creators have found more than one way to bring color in your bridal look. One of the pretty colors from this season is sure to work for you if you are looking for a non-white yet chic look for your big day. Four of our favourite colored gowns are designed by #LaSposa, #JennyPackham, Irish Designer #Theia and #HayleyPaige.

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