How to Choose your Bridal Party Bouquets

Remember, your bouquet should match with your wedding gown shape and style, your veil, bridal shoes and jewellery. It’s imperative that they work well together to be most radiant bride ever!

There are lots of wedding bouquet shapes and sizes from the simple & stylish to the extravagant & lush. Here is a list of  some of our favourite bouquets to help you  choose your bridal party bouquets!

  • Posy: This is the traditional bouquet chosen by lots of brides and their bridesmaids because of its compact form. Quite often it is composed of small flowers arranged in a circular dome shape. However, you can make arrangements with bigger flowers such as the wonderful peonies but most of the time brides choose roses, orchids, hydrangeas, and calla lilies for their nosegay.

  • Biedermeier Ring Bouquet: It’s made up of circles with various coloured flowers. Only one variety of flowers or colours is used per ring and wired into a holder. This is the most formal bouquet you could carry to a wedding composed most often of roses, stephanotis and ranunculus.

  • Hand-tied Bouquet: This wedding bouquet is always wrapped with a ribbon. The blooms give the impression that flowers have just been picked from your garden a few minutes before because of its natural aspect. The hand-tied bouquet could easily match a bohemian wedding style! Dahlias, tulips, callas and roses are most often used in a hand-tied bouquet.

  • Presentation / Sheaf Bouquet: If you are planning a modern style wedding, this trending and chic bouquet is for you. It’s composed of long-stemmed flowers tied together with a ribbon similar to the hand-tied one. You should hold this in the crook of your arm giving a fall aspect to your bouquet.

  • Round Bouquet; The round bouquet is the traditional bridal bouquet we have been using for many years.  It is similar style to the posy and nosegay but it is larger. Its main advantage is that it can be really versatile by matching lots of wedding styles whether you pick several coloured blooms or a specific colour. The stems can be arranged loosely or you can put them into a tight cluster. Usually florists use roses, hydrangeas and lilies for classic round bouquets.

  • Cascade/Shower Bouquet: If you want your bouquet to look like a magical waterfall, you should seriously consider this kind of wedding bouquet. Pick some graceful flowers which work best for an elegant bouquet. When you hold it some flowers and ivies shall flow over your hands. Best to use traditional flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, gardenias and lilies.

  • Pomander: This one would be perfect for any flower girls as it is really compact like the posy. It has a ball shape covered with flowers and suspended with a ribbon. You can carry it in your hands or on your arm or hands. Generally, we use coordinated colours or flowers as daisies, hydrangeas, roses and dianthus.

  • Nosegay: Larger than posy but sharing the same style, nosegay bouquets were really enjoyed during the Victorian times but is becoming trendy again. The nosegay is a circular bouquet with thickly packed blooms, greenery and even some herbs. It can be tightly wrapped with ribbon or anchored in a bouquet holder in accordance with your desires…


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