Summer Wedding Trends 2023

As the days are starting to get brighter, we find ourselves dreaming of summer. One of our favourite seasons and one full of possibility especially when it comes to weddings. If you’ve always dreamed of a summer wedding or are currently in the process of planning one and need some inspiration, have a look at our take on some of the upcoming Summer Wedding Trends 2023.  

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Colour – and lots of it!

It may seem strange to have colour as a summer wedding trend because it’s something that is always used in weddings but we’re talking about bringing in brighter, bolder blocks of colour. What better time to step away from traditional pastel hues to more shocking tones than during the summer months.  

Add colour blocking to your décor, pick a shade that stands out to you and make sure it pops throughout the day from the ceremony to the reception. You can do this by introducing a brighter burst to your flowers using colourful chrysanthemums or sumptuous sunflowers and picking one of these colours to introduce to your table settings or top table backdrop.  

Photographer: Johnny Corcoran


Sustainability is becoming an important part of wedding planning. Some simple sustainable tips include using your “something old” in a new way. Maybe a mother, aunt or friend has a wedding dress you adore that you can upcycle or alter for your own special day. Lots of couples are choosing their “something borrowed” as wedding décor from family or friends who tied the knot before them. Using signs, photo frames or lanterns a second or third time is a great way to keep things sustainable.  

We are great advocates of repurposing flowers from your ceremony to the reception and even onto your Day 2 event! Our florists have achieved some very creative ways of reusing florals. Ensure you explore the options with your florist/stylist to add more sustainable floral arrangements to your wedding . 

It doesn’t have to be your dress or your décor, a lot of vendors are using more sustainable means these days from the materials used to working with local produce. If you’re unsure of your options, just ask. At Dream Irish Wedding we will work with you to answer any questions and help you to make the choices that you want for your dream day.  

Photographer: Dermot Culhane

The Welcome Party

With destination weddings on the rise, we are also seeing an increase in the Welcome Party. The perfect way to help guests who have travelled long distances to settle in and kick off the celebrations.  

You can have a simple cocktail hour including signature couples’ cocktails or host a more luxurious champagne reception. For the more intimate gatherings, you can plan a luscious meal to share with your guests and ease into festivities. A welcome party is a great way to extend your dream celebration and to ensure you spend more time with those you love. If you are coming from abroad to have your wedding in Ireland why not consider an Irish pub party to really give your guests a flavour of Ireland. 

Photographer: Dermot Culhane


We are a seeing a resurgence of couples using wedding monograms! Many are incorporating their monograms by using the craft of embroidery and we believe we will see a lot more of in the season ahead.  

There are subtle ways of introducing embroidery such as adding the wedding date to wedding favours or initials to the groom and groomsmen’s pocket squares. It can also be used by the bride to add their partners initials to their dress or, for a more enchanting look, adding to the veil whether it’s a blossom of flowers embroidered delicately through the train or a declaration of your wedding date. There are so many options when it comes to embroidery. It is another option to elevate the personalised touches of your day. 

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Everyone has their own unique style which more and more brides are choosing to highlight when it comes to selecting bridesmaid dresses.  

Brides are opting to take the less traditional and uniform route by allowing their bridesmaids to choose their own dresses. Whether it’s complete free reign or deciding on all the same colour but different styles, having mismatched bridesmaid dresses is a wedding trend that we predict will stick around beyond this season. The mismatched look adds more intrigue and interest to the bridal party and ensures that no one feels uncomfortable on what will be a dream day for all involved.  

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown

Let us know what you think of these upcoming Summer Wedding Trends 2023. Will you be opting for an embroidered veil or hosting a welcome party for your guests? If you feel there are too many choices and you’re not sure on where to start, contact us at Dream Irish Wedding.

We work closely with each of our couples to ensure they have the dream wedding day they deserve! 

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