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Unique And Thoughtful Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

You want to show your bridesmaids how much it means to you that they are a part of your big day, but you are unsure of how to ? Today’s blog is all about Unique And Thoughtful Gifts For Your Bridesmaids. Gifts That Are Wedding-Related ‘One of my favourite parts of being a maid, aside from the hand-holding, dress-fluffing and the lip-gloss-applying is the dress-up part’ To cut back on costs for your bridesmaids, you may decide to: – Cover the price of the dress and shoes, so that the girls are not out of pocket for your wedding –
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Top Tips If Having Children At Your Wedding

Are you inviting children to your wedding? One of the biggest questions when planning a wedding. Children can bring a magic atmosphere to your wedding celebration but can mean their parents don’t get to fully enjoy the day. If you decide to have children at your wedding take care of them by offering some entertainment. Decide On Whose Children Are Invited: It’s perfectly acceptable to just invite children of both families & perhaps even just to the ceremony where some of them will be part of the wedding party. Get the word out well in advance so parents can plan
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