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Some Tips for a Chic Hen – Bachelorette Party

Hen parties are a fun last hooray for the bride before the big day and typically will include activities in line with the bride to be’s taste & sense of adventure. While it is lovely to keep the itinerary somewhat a surprise for the bride, the bridesmaids might wish to discreetly check with the bride what she would like to do. Guest list: The guest list doesn’t need to involve every female known to the bride generally it will be close friends, her own family, grooms family, bridal party and perhaps some close work colleagues & neighbours. A group that
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Top Tips for your Wedding Day Signature Cocktails

                                  Signature cocktails are a great way to make your wedding celebration more festive & personal . They can play a key role in your wedding style, theme & colour.                                         Things to take into consideration: Your guests: While you can’t please everyone, if you opt for more than one cocktail it will appeal to a wider range of guests. You might decide to serve
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Ideas & Inspiration for your Valentine’s Wedding

To marry on Valentine’s Day, you must be a true romantic. 1. Inspiration: Begin the planning by answering the following question: “What does Valentine’s Day mean for me” and search for inspiration from your own love story. Look at old pictures and watch ancient movies to get ideas for gowns and tuxedos. Perhaps choose a traditional styled wedding because it is so romantic! 2. Colour Palette: If you are looking for a very different wedding dress, wear a red dress or have your bridesmaids in vibrant red. Red can also be brought into your decor and flowers. 3. The Venue:
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Ideas for your Christmas Wedding

— Christmas and Weddings have a common theme, assemble family and friends for  unforgettable moments. Both of those events have their own individual charm but share the same things such as candles, beautiful table decoration, wonderful food, happiness and a magical ambiance. Colours : While many will opt for the traditional colours of red, green and gold, other colour combinations such as silver, turquoise and white, pure gold, purple combo for the regal touch or navy & silver are all wonderful Christmas theme colours Decoration : Incorporate snowflakes, glitter, Christmas trees, fake snow, holly and tree branches to give the Christmas cheer.
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