Your Destination Wedding Timeline: From Engaged to the Big Day

A destination wedding is such a special and unique event for all involved. As a couple, you get to choose somewhere personal and different to share your love. For guests, it’s an added adventure to what will already be a memorable event. However, there is a lot to consider and it’s important to get your timing right. As a destination wedding planner in Ireland for over 20 years, we’ve compiled a helpful destination wedding timeline to take you from engaged to your big day!  

Newly Engaged: 12+ Months  

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown

Congratulations! You’re newly engaged and eager to start wedding planning. You decide it will be a destination wedding, but now you need to think more specifically about the type of location. Do you dream of getting married in an old Irish castle or on the grounds of a stunning country manor? 

Think about your guest list and budget at this point to ensure you know your numbers before getting more into the planning process.  

Now is a great time to contact us at Dream Irish Wedding to help you to narrow down your dream location, navigate your budget and provide you with an expert, on-the-ground partnership to bring your wedding day together.  

Photographer: Under the Veil Weddings

Planning Underway: 11-12 Months 

Photographer: Story of Eve

At this stage, you will have secured your venue and have begun to finalise your list of preferred vendors. Working with a Wedding Planner on the ground ensures that you have access to the very best local suppliers. We know who can help you bring your vision to life and make your Dream Irish Wedding a reality!

You will need to be sure of what the legal requirements are in your chosen destination. For example, in Ireland, you should factor in time for a face-to-face meeting with the registrar as part of the process. We will advise you on the legal requirements for marrying in Ireland to ensure you won’t miss a step.

When it comes to a destination wedding, you will want to give your guests enough notice to make travel arrangements. Now would be the right time to create a wedding website. You can send Save the Dates that link back to your website. This is a great way to ensure your guests have all the travel and accommodation information they need to plan ahead of time.

Photographer: Dermot Culhane

Halfway There: 6 Months

Photographer: Nicola Webster

We’re halfway through your destination wedding timeline. Your vendors are confirming the details of your dream day. You have finalised the concept and style of your wedding.

If you have the opportunity, now would be a great time to visit your chosen venue. You can take this time to finalise details such as your wedding menu, flowers, decor and all the logistics of your dream day! Being on the ground will allow you to see the day and celebration coming together.

As you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s acceptable to send wedding invitations at the 6 month mark. With your wedding website already live, you can give your guests the option to RSVP via your website or send the traditional card.

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Final Stages: 1 month 

Photographer: Christina Brosnan

We come to the final weeks of your destination wedding timeline. Packing and preparing for travel will be at the top of your mind. Ensure all dress and suit fittings are complete. Collect your wedding rings, and if you have an engagement ring, you can also leave this with your jeweller to be polished.  

At this stage, you will have your number of guests confirmed. This will allow you to finalise your table plan to provide it to the venue.

You will also complete a final run-through of details and the order of events. At Dream Irish Wedding, we will do this online with you before you make your journey. We work closely with you to ensure your vision is being brought to life. It’s your day after all!

Photographer: Christina Brosnan

Happily Ever After Awaits: The Week Of 

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown

Having a day of timeline or order of events will help to keep your day in order. If you’re organising the day yourself, it’s important to call each vendor to confirm logistics. Follow up on email to ensure they have all the details they need for the day. At Dream Irish Wedding, we will coordinate every last detail with each vendor to ensure your dream day happens exactly as you envision.

This week, you arrive at your wedding destination and confirm any final details or changes on site. Don’t forget to have a ceremony rehearsal the night before with your wedding party. This is a chance for you to walk through the ceremony with your wedding party. If you have engaged us as your wedding planner, we will host a ceremony rehearsal outside of the church as most officiants will not be available to do a run-through the day before with you. The rehearsal will help calm nerves and ensure your wedding party knows the flow of the ceremony.

Most importantly, enjoy every second of your wedding day! 

Take a moment with your partner on the day to look around and soak in the reality of your dream day come to life! 

Photographer: Nicola Webster

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How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding

Sustainability may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a wedding. However, with a conscious effort by suppliers and couples to move in this direction, there are many more choices available if you want to plan a sustainable wedding.

We know there can be so much to think about when planning a wedding, but with over 22 years of experience in the Irish Destination Wedding industry, we want to take the stress off your shoulders. Take a look at our advice on How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding.

Use Local Suppliers 

Photographer: Nicola Webster

When planning a destination wedding, you may have certain suppliers or vendors in mind. Looking for local alternatives where possible will avoid the need for unnecessary travel and transport emissions. Locally sourced food is a fabulous way to immerse yourself in the culture of your chosen location. 

Another option is to stick for in-season where possible. Speak to your florist to understand what flowers will be in bloom. You may be able to remove the need for importing all your flowers by choosing readily available in Ireland, in-season styles.  

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown

Reduce & Reuse 

Photographer: Nicola Webster

By putting real thought into what you want on your wedding day, you may be able to reduce the amount of décor and flowers required. Ensure to ask your venue about their onsite décor options.  

When it comes to flowers, another great way to stay sustainable is by re purposing your ceremony flowers at your reception for table settings, cake decoration and floral arrangements within the space, such as your ceremony entrance arch.  

Dried flowers are very much in vogue with fabulous variations available. You can even find florists who specialise in using dried flowers and create some stunning bouquets & arrangements.

Don’t forget to reach out to friends and family who have previously been married to ask if they have any wedding pieces they would be willing to share. Reusing welcome signs, candles, or even wedding veils adds an extra special touch to the day. 

Another option is to use LED candles instead of real wax, which ensures your florist can re-use the candles again and again.

Photographer: Under the Veil Weddings

Travel & Transport 

Photographer: Wonder and Magic & Claire Studio Brown

When you plan a sustainable wedding, transport may seem like a difficult hurdle to overcome. However, there are ways to keep things environmentally friendly.  

Consider holding your ceremony and reception in the one venue, cutting out the need for travel between locations. If you opt for separate locations, you can use a shuttle bus service to transport your guests. It is a sustainable option and ensures everyone arrives on time and your guests have fun along the way! 

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Sustainable Invitations 

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Wedding invitations can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Remember they do set the tone for the wedding day, so it is important to get them right. They are also a lovely way to showcase your personality as a couple. The good news is there are ways to make your invites sustainable.  

Use recycled paper to create your invites. Many designers will already prefer this option, or you can specifically request it when choosing your design.

The most sustainable invitation is the email version which more and more of our couples are opting for. You can design and create your e-vite with a link for RSVPs through your wedding website/app or just provide an email address.

If you prefer to send the traditional printed invite in the mail perhaps opt for the RSVP by email option.

A wedding website can cut down on having to include an information card with your invitations giving guests information on accommodation options, travel, transport and so forth.  

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Remember Rentals 

Renting is a great way to make your wedding more sustainable! There are a variety of wedding rental options available from dresses to suits, decor to furniture to linens and all in between.

However, if something will be used again it may be worth buying instead of renting depending on costs and perhaps you can then pass to another couple or sell or your florist /planner may be able to re use .

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Don’t Forget

Check with your Wedding Planner to help you make your wedding more sustainable.  

At Dream Irish Wedding, we have built strong relationships with vendors and suppliers through the years to provide you with alternatives we know you will love!  

Photographer: Nicola Webster
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How to Choose Your Dream Destination Wedding Venue

When it comes to planning a wedding, particularly a destination wedding, the venue is one of the biggest choices you’ll make.  

There are lots of things to consider when planning a wedding in another destination. With 22 years experience in the industry, planning destination weddings in Ireland, we have identified all your challenges planning from afar! Today we share some of our great tips to help you choose your dream destination wedding venue.  

1. Start with Your Guest List

Photographer: Story of Eve

Before you select a stunning setting for your ceremony, you need to have an idea of the numbers you expect to attend to ensure all guests can be accommodated at your venue.

If your ceremony and reception will be held in two different locations, make sure that both places have the capacity you need.

Photographer: Story of Eve

2. Check Accessibility

Photographer; Nicola Webster

Now you have determined your numbers, the next step is to review accessibility for you and your guests. Will guests need to travel far from the airport to the venue? You’ll also need to keep in mind guest accommodation if they can’t stay at the venue are there alternatives nearby?

If guests will be driving, it may be the first time many of them will drive on the other side of road which is a challenge in itself or will it be easy to catch a taxi or Uber? If not, perhaps you need to organise transfers?

Consider those attending, is there anyone in particular you want there who may not be able to travel long distances? This could impact the location you choose.

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown & Wonder And Magic

3. Review Your Budget

Photographer: Under the Veil Weddings

This may seem like an obvious step but budget can often be a deciding factor when picking a wedding venue. Review the amount you have allocated to the venue against your dream options. This will help you to understand what is within your price range.

It’s also worth considering the other additional costs associated with a destination wedding including flights, accommodation and transfers.

Photographer: Christina Brosnan

4. Pick a Personal Place

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Have a think about your destination. Is there a certain place with special memories for you and your partner? Or maybe you pick a destination that was once home to one of you. The venue options nearby will be your starting point.

Keep your dream day vision in mind, if there is a certain style or theme you have in mind does the venue have the potential to match that? 

Photographer: Nicola Webster

5. Pay Your Venue a Visit

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown & Wonder and Magic

If at all possible, try to visit your venue before booking. Although, it’s not essential particularly if you have a planner and with access to such good reviews and virtual tours online. If you visit or do a virtual tour, check the layout and how it meets your wedding vision, walk the grounds and soak in the surroundings in real life.

While there, you may be able to see the venue set up for another wedding. This will help to guide you in decision making when it comes to table settings and reception options further down the line. It will give you and your partner a real opportunity to see your dream day come together! 

Photographer: Dermot Culhane

Bonus Tip: Work with a Local Wedding Planner

At Dream Irish Wedding, we work with couples from around the world to bring their Dream Irish Destination Wedding to life! We can help you to choose your dream destination wedding venue and ensure the day is planned and executed to the highest standard.  

We work closely with trusted supplies to take care of every detail for you. All you need to do is arrive at your destination and enjoy the wedding day of your dreams!

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown & Wonder and Magic
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Why Work with a Wedding Planner?

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now the fun begins as you start to plan your wedding. Whether you’ve been dreaming about this day since you were young or it’s a whole new world, there’s alot to think about. And a lot to organise. If you’re wondering if you should work with a Wedding Planner, take a look at the top 5 benefits of Working With A Wedding Planner.

1. Understand & Execute Your Vision

At Dream Irish Wedding, one of the first things we do is get to know you and your partner. We want to find out who you are, what your story is and how you envision your wedding day when you think about it. This is your Dream Day, not ours. We will do all we can to ensure that your vision is executed to the highest standard and every effort is made to give you the exact day that you want. We work with a limited number of couples per year to ensure you get the full attention you deserve for your wedding.

Photographer: Under the Veil Weddings

2. Remove The Stress

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown

They say your Wedding Day is one of the happiest days of your life. We believe it should be but some of that happiness can get caught up in the stress of planning. For most people this will be their first time planning a large-scale event. The amount of detail and co-ordination involved can quickly become overwhelming. With a Wedding Planner by your side, we take on the task of bringing the finer details and finishing touches together. All you have to do is enjoy yourself!

Photographer: Nicola Webster

3. Keep Your Budget in Check

Photographer: Nicola Webster

A common misconception is that if you work with a Wedding Planner it will only serve to increase your budget. But that’s not the case. By working with a Wedding Planner, we make sure to keep your budget in line. Extra costs may begin to arise, especially with a destination wedding, but we make sure you’re aware of any alternative solutions to keep your vision alive without having to break the bank.

Photographer: Christina Brosnan

4. Work with Top Suppliers

Photographer: Story of Eve

Finding the right suppliers and vendors for your Wedding Day is a time-consuming task. Checking availability, pricing and finding out if they can offer exactly what you’re looking for only adds extra stress to the whole process. With 20 plus years of industry experience, at Dream Irish Wedding we have created strong relationships with a network of Ireland’s top-tier suppliers. This is why it is so important to have a planner on the ground for your Destination Wedding rather than from afar. With Dream Irish Wedding, we are your eyes and ears for everything wedding related in Ireland from arrival to departure!

Photographer: Under the Veil Weddings

5. The Wedding Party Go-To

Photographer: Dermot Cullhane

A benefit not often thought about is that as your Wedding Planner, we will be the go-to person not just for you, but for your wedding party too. If you work with a Wedding Planner, we will make sure everyone knows where they need to be and what they need to do. We’re there to answer and solve any challenges or uncertainties which may arise on the day. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the day of your dreams!

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5 Tips to Plan Your Dream Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding can simultaneously feel like the most exciting and daunting task to take on. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of getting married at a luxurious Irish castle surrounded by luscious green scenery or there’s a place you and your partner hold close to your hearts. Maybe you want to honour a family connection. Whatever the reason for choosing a destination wedding, we appreciate it’s personal to each couple.

Although it may seem like an insurmountable task to plan a wedding from a different country, there are ways to make the process easier. At Dream Irish Wedding we’ve helped many couples from around the world to bring their dream destination wedding day to life.

We are delighted to share our top five tips to assist you in planning your dream destination wedding!

1. Location, Location, Location!

Photographer: Amy Zumwalt

Arguably one of the most important elements of a destination wedding: the destination itself.

There’s a lot to keep in mind when finalising your location. Think about accessibility, will it be easy for your guests to get flights to and from. Is there adequate on the ground transportation at your location?

Make sure to check the climate/weather to avoid times of any extreme weather conditions. The weather will also play its part in deciding the locations at your venue for the various wedding day activities . It can determine whether you include an outdoor ceremony and even where your cocktail reception will be held.

Photographer: Amy Zumwalt

2. Guest List

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Complete your guest list before confirming your location or venue to ensure it can cater comfortably for your expected numbers. Allow for a possible reduction in numbers on the guest list of up to 50% for a destination wedding. If you have older relatives that are important to have at your wedding try to find out if they will be able to travel.

To make the process of attending your destination wedding easier you might like to create a wedding website. This is a great way to capture all travel and accommodation information guests might need in one place they can easily refer to.

For added peace of mind and comfort for your guests, consider providing transport. Airport transfers or coaches on the wedding day will help everything to run effortlessly.

Photographer: The Woodards

3. Review Local Legal Requirements

Photographer: Photo GK

Chances are the local requirements for marriage are different to what you’re used to in your home country. A search on a local citizen’s information website will provide you with every detail you need to keep in mind. It’s worth noting you may be required to provide specific paperwork or present translated documents in your marriage application.

Make sure to allow adequate time as it can take anything up to six months to complete the process. In Ireland, factor in time for a face to face meeting with the registrar as part of the legalities process.

Photographer: Amy Zumwalkt

4. Budget

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown

With any wedding , the budget should be one of the first things you do. It is a very important element to get right. Always have a contingency figure in place as the budget can easily rise with additional costs especially when it comes to planning a destination wedding.

Take time to decide if you will be covering the cost of any flights or accommodation for parents or members of your bridal party. Factor in transfers and transport for guests as well as any additional activities such as a welcome party or rehearsal dinner.

Look for vendors on site using seasonal flowers and local ingredients to avoid extra cost on importing. It also creates a more authentic experience for you and your guests. You can really embrace the surrounding environment of your chosen destination.

Photographer: Christina Brosnan

5. Hire a Wedding Planner

Photographer: Dermot Culhane

If you always dreamt of a destination wedding but the reality of planning one is too stressful, it’s worth hiring a wedding planner in the country you’re getting married in.

Not only will they know everything you need to legally marry in that country but they have connections with the best local vendors and are on the ground every step of the way.

At Dream Irish Wedding, we have been working with discerning couples from around the world to bring their destination weddings in Ireland to life. We offer a limited number of weddings per year which enables us to work closely with our couples. By taking time to understand their vision we build a relationship to execute their Dream Irish Wedding.

We work closely with trusted creatives and suppliers to take care of every little detail. All you need to do is arrive at your destination and have the wedding day you always dreamt of!

Bonus Tip!

Don’t forget to check your passport is at least 6 months in date before travelling. You don’t want any surprises at the airport!

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Celebrating True Love – A Classic & Elegant Occasion at Cashel Palace

They say your Wedding Day will be one of the happiest days of your life and judging by the smiles both Susan and Glenn had on their faces throughout their Dream Wedding Day, we would have to agree! On a crisp and clear day in October, Susan, Glenn and their guests travelled to the Cashel Palace in Co. Tipperary to celebrate true love and create memories to last a lifetime.  

The Couple: Susan & Glenn

Meet Susan & Glenn, our dream couple whose love story began in Dublin. The couple were looking for the perfect venue for their dream day. When our wedding planner Michelle suggested Cashel Palace, the couple immediately fell in love with the majestic surroundings and relaxing atmosphere of the venue on their first visit.

The Destination: Cashel Palace

Tucked away in the town of Cashel, the Cashel Palace provides a perfectly peaceful setting for a wedding against the backdrop of the magnificent Rock of Cashel.  

Inside, the venue was decked out in opulent cream and green to showcase the natural beauty of the setting. This elegance was carried through to the ceremony where a stunning cream carpet lined the walkway for the bride and groom to join together in marriage.  

Stunning grounds surround the Cashel Palace offering a fairytale setting steeped in history and culture for this love story.  

With the sun coming out to add an extra glow to our couple, it’s fair to say their love shone brightly! 

The Bride

Our beautiful bride Susan paid attention to the finer details when it came to her Wedding Day.   

In a stunning Synan O’Mahoney gown with off the shoulder draping and a classic sweetheart neckline, Susan exuded beauty on the day. The fabulous form fitting gown was simply sensational on Susan. The beautiful beaded detail adding an extra layer of elegance to the overall look.  

Adding a pair of Jimmy Choo Swarovski crystal shoes with pretty pearly detailing resulted in Susan keeping the luxurious feel of their dream day going from the venue decor to her own bridal attire.  

The Theme & Colour Palette

Opulent tones of cream and green were selected to carry the classic and elegant theme throughout the day.  

At the ceremony, the top of the cream carpet pathway greeted our couple with olden candelabras and stunning floral displays that appeared to be almost floating, framing the couple at either side as they exchanged vows.  

These colours and tones were carried on to the ballroom where each table was set with their own bouquet. The light hints of the green leaves drew the eye to the stunning centrepieces.  

The gold foil bands on the cake were such a gorgeous way to incorporate gold in a subtle, sweet wedding cake.

The Planning

Working with Susan and Glenn was such a pleasure. While all couples are very special there was an even more special link between Susan & planner Michelle as they had gone to boarding school together! 

The couple have a great eye for detail and shared the vision they had of their dream wedding day which our fabulous wedding planner Michelle was able to bring to life.  

Wishing Susan & Glenn the very best in their journey of married life together! 

Thank you to the talented Creative Team involved in creating the dream wedding day for Susan & Glenn.

Planner: Dream Irish Wedding

Venue: Cashel Palace Hotel

Photographer: Christina Brosnan

Florist: The French Touch

Cake Designer: The Fox & Flour

Jeweller: Diamonds by Danielle

Hair: Hair People

Make-up: Daniel Mc Mahon

Entertainment: THe Bentley Boys

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Summer Wedding Trends 2023

As the days are starting to get brighter, we find ourselves dreaming of summer. One of our favourite seasons and one full of possibility especially when it comes to weddings. If you’ve always dreamed of a summer wedding or are currently in the process of planning one and need some inspiration, have a look at our take on some of the upcoming Summer Wedding Trends 2023.  

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Colour – and lots of it!

It may seem strange to have colour as a summer wedding trend because it’s something that is always used in weddings but we’re talking about bringing in brighter, bolder blocks of colour. What better time to step away from traditional pastel hues to more shocking tones than during the summer months.  

Add colour blocking to your décor, pick a shade that stands out to you and make sure it pops throughout the day from the ceremony to the reception. You can do this by introducing a brighter burst to your flowers using colourful chrysanthemums or sumptuous sunflowers and picking one of these colours to introduce to your table settings or top table backdrop.  

Photographer: Johnny Corcoran


Sustainability is becoming an important part of wedding planning. Some simple sustainable tips include using your “something old” in a new way. Maybe a mother, aunt or friend has a wedding dress you adore that you can upcycle or alter for your own special day. Lots of couples are choosing their “something borrowed” as wedding décor from family or friends who tied the knot before them. Using signs, photo frames or lanterns a second or third time is a great way to keep things sustainable.  

We are great advocates of repurposing flowers from your ceremony to the reception and even onto your Day 2 event! Our florists have achieved some very creative ways of reusing florals. Ensure you explore the options with your florist/stylist to add more sustainable floral arrangements to your wedding . 

It doesn’t have to be your dress or your décor, a lot of vendors are using more sustainable means these days from the materials used to working with local produce. If you’re unsure of your options, just ask. At Dream Irish Wedding we will work with you to answer any questions and help you to make the choices that you want for your dream day.  

Photographer: Dermot Culhane

The Welcome Party

With destination weddings on the rise, we are also seeing an increase in the Welcome Party. The perfect way to help guests who have travelled long distances to settle in and kick off the celebrations.  

You can have a simple cocktail hour including signature couples’ cocktails or host a more luxurious champagne reception. For the more intimate gatherings, you can plan a luscious meal to share with your guests and ease into festivities. A welcome party is a great way to extend your dream celebration and to ensure you spend more time with those you love. If you are coming from abroad to have your wedding in Ireland why not consider an Irish pub party to really give your guests a flavour of Ireland. 

Photographer: Dermot Culhane


We are a seeing a resurgence of couples using wedding monograms! Many are incorporating their monograms by using the craft of embroidery and we believe we will see a lot more of in the season ahead.  

There are subtle ways of introducing embroidery such as adding the wedding date to wedding favours or initials to the groom and groomsmen’s pocket squares. It can also be used by the bride to add their partners initials to their dress or, for a more enchanting look, adding to the veil whether it’s a blossom of flowers embroidered delicately through the train or a declaration of your wedding date. There are so many options when it comes to embroidery. It is another option to elevate the personalised touches of your day. 

Photographer: Nicola Webster

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Everyone has their own unique style which more and more brides are choosing to highlight when it comes to selecting bridesmaid dresses.  

Brides are opting to take the less traditional and uniform route by allowing their bridesmaids to choose their own dresses. Whether it’s complete free reign or deciding on all the same colour but different styles, having mismatched bridesmaid dresses is a wedding trend that we predict will stick around beyond this season. The mismatched look adds more intrigue and interest to the bridal party and ensures that no one feels uncomfortable on what will be a dream day for all involved.  

Photographer: Claire Studio Brown

Let us know what you think of these upcoming Summer Wedding Trends 2023. Will you be opting for an embroidered veil or hosting a welcome party for your guests? If you feel there are too many choices and you’re not sure on where to start, contact us at Dream Irish Wedding.

We work closely with each of our couples to ensure they have the dream wedding day they deserve! 

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A Dream Day Came True – Autumn Wedding at Adare Manor

Set in the picturesque surroundings of Adare Manor, Louise and James celebrated their dream wedding on a bright and clear Sunday in August surrounded by family and friends. With the couples’ personal touches sprinkled throughout the day it was a wedding to remember in a luxurious setting they will never forget.  

The Couple

Louise and James love story began at the workplace where sparks flew and a connection was made. The pair are both from the United Kingdom but with Louise’s Irish heritage when it came to getting married, a destination wedding in Ireland was always going to be on the cards.  

The Bride

Louise was glowing on the day in her gorgeous bridal gown complete with a lace overlay bodice which was later removed at the reception to reveal a stunning sweetheart neckline. Complete with a pop of emerald green in her glorious Manolo Blahnik heels. Simple swept back hair and natural makeup made sure that Louise’s beauty shone throughout the whole day.  

The Venue

Travelling to Ireland, Louise and James had initially planned to view a selection of wedding venue options but as soon as they arrived at Adare Manor they instantly fell in love and put a halt to any other viewings. With its gorgeous grounds and amazing gold course, Louise and James knew that they had found their dream wedding destination to host their three day wedding celebrations.  

The Ceremony

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Holy Trinity Abbey Church in Adare with a mixture of florals including classic white roses, hydrangeas and delphinium decorating the pews along the aisle, the backs of the couples chairs and lining the altar as a stunning centrepiece. Not only inside the church, the flowers also framed the entrance outside in an arch to add an extra personal touch.  

The Décor

With vows exchanged and a marriage made official, the couple brought their guests back to the gorgeous grounds of Adare Manor to continue the celebration. Inside, the grand hallway was transformed with flowers. The kaleidoscope of dusty blue, ivory and greens carried through to the ballroom as the night drew in.  

Guests were seated at tables adorned with flowers and candlelight as more fragrant florals hung from the ceiling to create an air of opulence as they tied in with the glorious, glittering chandeliers adding to the romance of the occasion.  

Some Kind Words from the Wonderful Couple…

Louise & I want to thank you for making the impossible possible. Through the blessing of Henry’s arrival to the curse of Covid we’ve been reassured that we have a Wedding Planner par excellence to depend upon. Thank you for your patience, your foresight and your sense of calm. You have helped make our wedding an absolute joy from start to protracted finish.

A warm thank you to the Creative Team involved in making Louise & James’s Dream Day a reality!

Planner: Dream Irish Wedding
Venue: The Adare Manor
Photographer: Dermot Culhane
Florist: Harris & Wilkinson
Band: Sensation Band
Cake Designer: MMCookies
Wedding Car: Bentley Wedding Cars
Transport: Adare Chauffers
Hair: Glen Cullen Hair
Entertainment – DJ’s: Artful Dodger, DJ Panda
Photo Booth & Wall : Fran Photo Booth

Surrounded by beauty, personality and love, Louise and James were the perfect pairing to plan a Dream Irish Wedding for and we wish them every happiness in their life ahead as a married couple.  

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The vibrant city of Dublin captured the hearts of Orla & Philip for their destination wedding which took place summer 2022 following two postponements due to the pandemic! 

They made their dream Ireland destintion wedding come true with a weekend event commencing with an Irish Pub Welcome Party while the wedding itself took place in the iconic luxury Dublin landmark The Shelbourne.

The Couple :Orla & Philip

While Philip is American , Orla was born to an Irish Mum and despite living in the UK & USA, Ireland will always be her home although the couple now reside in London! 

Bride and groom

The Wedding : Dublin City , Ireland

As she walked down the aisle, Orla was a vision in her Watters elegant A line lace dress while Philip was dashing in a classic tux. The two exchanged vows in St Joseph’s Church, Terenure a church with very special meaning for Orla having been baptised there ! The reception that followed in The Shelbourne Hotel was definitely a vision of elegance, clean lines and historic grandeur!

Beautiful blooms filled the tables and a stylish 3 tier cake  further elevated their celebration. 

This wedding showcases the city’s modern and old-world vibe and photogrpaher Nicola captured the magic beautifully! 

Orla shares some fabulous feedback and wisdom from her Real Wedding ….


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They crossed an ocean for their Dream Irish Wedding! – A luxurious celebration at Adare Manor

Allow us to introduce Olivia and Shaun, one of our fabulous couples who came to Ireland for their dream destination wedding! They crossed an ocean for their Dream Irish Wedding and let me tell you it was spectacular. Together with our very own owner and planner extraordinaire the wedding of their dreams became a reality last December 2021. Keep reading for a glimpse into their luxurious destination wedding in the heart of Adare!

Their Story:

Shaun, our handsome groom, played cricket professionally in the UK and New Zealand. On retirement he settled in London to pursue a new career in sports teaching at a local school where he met Olivia, one of the teachers. Sparks ignited and last December they said I Do at the fabulous Holy Trinity Abbey Church in Adare Village. Shaun’s parents who still reside in New Zealand were unfortunately unable to attend the wedding in Ireland due to the pandemic’s travel restrictions.

Spectacular destination wedding:

The planning of this spectacular destination wedding was done by Michelle, our very own owner and planner extraordinaire, the amazing mother of the bride and the blushing bride herself of course! The wedding was a three-day affair with a welcome party the day prior and a farewell dinner the day after.

On the day prior to the wedding there was a pre wedding golf tournament which our handsome groom won off course! The tournament was held at the amazing golf course of the luxurious Adare Manor. The day ended with a traditional Irish welcome party at local pub Aunt Lenas where they enjoyed Irish music, food & Guinness!

The day after the wedding the couple gave guests an opportunity to recover from the festivities and explore the quaint village of Adare. In the evening guests joined the newlyweds at the Carriage house for a celebratory dinner.

The Perfect Venue:

Choosing the perfect venue for their wedding was not difficult for our couple. They knew that they wanted a destination wedding and Olivia, having spent lots of holidays in Ireland, couldn’t imagine a better place. Olivia’s mum hails from Ireland and knew the perfect venue for her daughter’s wedding! The beautiful ceremony was held at the Holy Trinity Abbey Church in Adare followed by the reception at the luxurious Adare Manor. Both venues matched the wedding theme perfectly with their elegance and romantic atmosphere, wouldn’t you agree?!  

Wedding Theme & Colour Palette

For their wedding theme Olivia and Shaun chose for elegant & romantic with clean lines and a hint of Christmas. The colour palette consisted of blush pink, green and white which complimented the theme and interior of the venues perfectly!       

Floral Arrangements

The beautiful floral arrangements were provided by Lawless Flowers, one of our amazing wedding vendors located in Limerick. The mother of the bride has a great love and knowledge of flowers which inspired Olivia to choose the stunning florals! These gorgeous flowers brought the wedding theme really alive wouldn’t you agree?!

Wedding Attire

Olivia looked incredibly stunning in her Caroline Castigliano designer gown! To complete her bridal look, she walked down the aisle in gorgeous Jimmy Choo heels. For the dresses of her beautiful bridesmaids Olivia chose a similar style but different fabric in a lovely blush pink colour. Doesn’t she look absolutely radiant next to her bridesmaids and flower girl!

Facing Challenges Together

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is no easy task. Olivia and Shaun had to navigate through restrictions but in the end their wedding won out! Unfortunately, Shaun’s parents couldn’t travel to Ireland with the restrictions, but they found a solution! They beamed in live from sunny New Zealand with a very special message for the happy couple. On top of that guests had to pass a covid test 48 hours prior to arriving in Ireland to attend the wedding. A week later Ireland was back in lockdown how crazy is that!

Heart-warming gesture for the lovely couple:

Get the tissues ready ladies cause this gesture will touch your heart! The school kids that Olivia and Shaun teach surprised the couple with a lovely video on their wedding day. It was such a lovely and heart-warming gesture that our bride and groom will cherish forever.

Lovely testimonial by mother of the bride:

‘’ The wedding day was managed superbly; Michelle was on hand from very early on in the morning.  Mostly from behind the scenes, she settled us, organised us, laughed with us and comforted us.  She provided tissues when needed. Both Bride and Groom felt that they were guided beautifully towards their wedding ceremony. Bridesmaids and groomsmen, ushers and wedding service readers were all at different times, overheard by guests saying that Michelle had told them to …. asked them to … suggested that they….  They had all commented on how when they needed guidance in their panic state, she was there to signpost them along. 

We would confidently recommend Michelle’s service. Based on our experience, her planning and execution of order were first class. She enabled our wedding weekend to flow and provide a wonderful memorable time for us as a family and all our guests.’’ 

Dear Olivia and Shaun, it was our absolute pleasure planning your dream destination wedding. We are delighted we got to be a part of your special day! – xx

This incredible talented team made Olivia’s and Shaun’s Dream Irish Wedding a reality!

Planner: Dream Irish Wedding
Venues: Holy Trinity Abbe Church & Adare Manor
Photographer: Nicola Webster Photography
Videographer: Bride & Groom Films
Hair: Kate Butcher & Grace – Bride’s friends from the UK­
Make-up: Sinead Murphy
Florist: Lawless Flowers
Music: Munster Quartet
Cake: MMCookies

Do you want a Dream Destination Wedding like Olivia and Shaun?
Contact us and together we will make that dream a reality!

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Irish couple united by love – A fabulous royal wedding at The Merrion Hotel in Dublin

A magical day to remember filled with love, our aim with all of our weddings! Meet Aoibheann & Ronan, a fabulous Irish couple that found their happy ever after last August 2021. Their love for each other proved to be unbreakable through the many setbacks and restrictions that the couple had to face during the pandemic. Finally, after a date change, venue change & guest number change they finally got to tie the knot and today we share a piece of their special day with you! The stunning photos of their Merrion Hotel dream wedding were captured by the very talented Michael Toman of Story of Eve, one of the amazing wedding vendors we are proud to work with!

How They Met

Aoibheann and Ronan are a fabulous Irish couple who met through their work in the medical world. Their connection grew stronger every day which turned into love and last summer they promised each other forever. Our lovely bride although of Irish origin grew up in Grand Cayman while her dashing groom originated from Dublin. The rest of their touching love story will remain between the lovely couple but do not worry we will show you pieces of their marvellous wedding day!

Their Dream Venue

The wedding venue that the couple originally chose for their wedding was the stunning Adare Manor. Unfortunately, with the influences of the pandemic and its restrictions on numbers and travel they opted to have it closer to home. The couple as well as most of their family and friends live in Dublin so they decided to have the wedding in Dublin. The ceremony took place in the lovely St. Mary’s Haddington Road Church followed by a reception at the luxurious Merrion Hotel. Look at these fabulous locations, aren’t they just perfect for your Dream Irish Wedding!

Wedding Theme & Colour Palette

For their wedding theme Aoibheann and Ronan decided on elegant, timeless & chic. It was important to them that this style was represented throughout their wedding so off course we made that happen! Their colour palette of white, green, gold with a hint of blush worked beautifully with the interior and style of the Merrion Hotel don’t you agree?

Floral Arrangements

Stylish Mum of the brides influence & love of flowers was very evident when it came to the flowers!! Lots of orchids and beautiful white roses were the main flowers used by the wonderfully creative florist Stephanie, the French Touch throughout the floral arrangements. The colour palette for the floral arrangements was whites/greens with hint of pink introduced into the reception flowers. We absolutely adored the tall, very glamorous centerpieces! These floral arrangements certainly brought the wedding spirit alive and made the venue feel magical for Aoibheann and Ronan, not to mention the fairy tale created at the church.

The Dress

To say Aoibheann looked anything less than radiant in her couture wedding gown would be an understatement. She wore a breath-taking gown designed by Peter Langner an incredibly talented designer in Italy. Due to the restrictions, she couldn’t travel to Italy for her fitting and alterations. Bless the Peter Langner Studio for sending her dress to her in Dublin without her having to travel! Aoibheann completed her bridal look with these stunning white satin heels for the ceremony and the gorgeous blue heels for the photoshoot in Merrion Square & even made it through the gates of Leinster House! Doesn’t she look absolutely radiant and ready to marry her soulmate!

Planning The Wedding

The planning of the wedding went very smoothly if you were to ask Ronan who had the most relaxed job of all and that was to show up at the wedding! The planning was done by the lady squad Michelle, our fabulous wedding planner, Aoibheann’s amazing mother and of course the blushing bride herself. Together they made a wedding of Aoibheann & Ronan dreams become a reality that they now look back on with wonderful memories.  

The planning of the wedding did not go without challenges. Due to the number and travel restrictions they had to change their venue and cut back on the guest list. To ensure that all their loved ones could witness their love and union together they had an intimate dinner the night before the wedding. The dinner was held at 25 Fitzwilliam with some guests who sadly could not attend the wedding day. The love Aoibheann and Ronan have for each other proved to be stronger than anything that was thrown their way and this summer they get to celebrate their first wedding anniversary!

It was our absolute pleasure to organize and be part of their marvellous wedding. We wish Aoibheann and Ronan all the love, adventures, and good fortune in the world! They are a match made in heaven.


A special thanks to the incredible team of vendors who made their dream wedding a reality!

Creative Team
Planning ~ @dreamirishwedd
Venue ~ @merrionhotel
Dress & Suit ~ @peterlangner
Flowers ~ @thefrenchtouchflowers
Music ~ @novastringquartet &
Orchestra and Limerick Choir
Cake ~ @taylorclareanne
Hair ~ @dylanbradshawdublin
Makeup ~ @paula_callan_makeup
Photo ~ @Storyofeve
Film ~ @dreamcatcher.films
Stationery ~ @appleberryatelier

Thinking of a destination wedding in Ireland?

Contact us today and lets start planning your Dream Irish Wedding together! For wedding inspiration check out our Pinterest!

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School Yard Sweat hearts Marry in Fairytale Wedding at Kilshane House!

Margaret & Liam’s Wedding Day was a while coming the original date was to be 2020 but living in Australia Covid certainly put a halt to that date !! Luckily for them Liam decided to automatically opt for a 2022 date rather than sooner and it paid off !! June 2022 they walked down the aisle in front of 180 family & friends with beautiful daughter Tilly as flower girl! It certainly is a long way to Tipperary from Australia they made the most of the unique Kilshane House in Tipperary where they had a fun filled two day wedding with lots of entertainment , best of food & drink and a fabulous fire works display to Liam’s specially chosen music !

Thank you to the amazing team of Creative partners who worked with us to ensure we made Margaret & Liam’s dream wedding a reality.


Wedding Planner : Dream Irish Wedding

Venue : Kilshane House ,Tipperary

Flowers : The French Touch

Ceremony Music : Sean Kean & Munster Quartet

Cake : Cakes by Deborah

Cocktail Reception Music : Suitable Sax

Band : The conquerors

Fireworks:Rocket Pyrotechnics

Photo: Nicola Webster

Video :Dreamcatcher Production

Hair & Make up : FMN

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The ultimate guide to planning sustainable destination weddings – Part 1

The wedding industry is known for its luxury and romance. As wedding professionals, we love talking about the wonderful industry we work in. This week we share the ultimate guide to planning sustainable destination weddings (part 1)! Sustainability is something we hold dear and therefore we can’t wait to share these tips with you, our lovely audience. With this ultimate guide you don’t have to worry about the environment on your special day. After all this blog can help you make more sustainable choices while planning your wedding!

When planning a destination wedding, air travel and transportation are essential. However, this doesn’t mean it has to be bad for the environment! To help you along we listed some of the most sustainable airlines you might want to consider. Before we get started, let’s share a few golden tips that can make traveling to your destination wedding more sustainable!

Golden Tips Alert!

Sustainable Airlines in 2022:

United Airlines

For all the lovely Americans out there, this airline might be familiar to you! United Airlines is recognized as one of the most sustainable airlines flying to Ireland in 2022. They have been working towards ‘flying green’ since 2019 and what’s even better they have big plans regarding sustainability! In 2050 this amazing airline is expected to be 100% green. Another great thing about this airline is their travel rewards program allowing you to earn and redeem miles! Traveling to Ireland with United is a breeze as they provide daily return flights from Shannon – Newark and Dublin – Newark. Flying with United Airlines is a great choice if you are planning a sustainable destination wedding.


EasyJet can be the perfect choice when flying across Europe while also being environmentally cautious. They were the first airline in 2019 to plant trees to offset their emission and help with deforestation. Therefore, flying with them helps you give back to the environment, isn’t that a great idea?! This airline takes you to nearly 200 destinations across Europe, including Ireland! Choosing to travel with EasyJet is a great choice when looking for a low-cost yet sustainable airline. Keep in mind when flying with them that the tickets are low-cost but checked bags and seat selection cost extra.

Aer Lingus

For those who live in our beautiful Ireland, you may have flown with this airline before. Aer Lingus is an Irish airline that has been making great progress towards flying green. Their use of green fuel is expected to cut their carbon emissions by 2 million in 2030, isn’t that great! Tickets are reasonably priced and the quality they provide is always controlled. If you are looking for sustainable air travel, then Aer Lingus might be the perfect choice for you. Travel to Ireland for your destination wedding with daily flights from the USA, UK and all over Europe!


Fly towards your dream destination wedding with this Dutch airline. KLM takes you to over 140 destinations around the world including the US and Ireland from its base in Amsterdam. This airline has been making great improvements towards their zero emissions goal in 2050 but is comes with a price. KLM is known for their great quality however the tickets are on the slightly higher side then other airlines. When choosing KLM to travel to Ireland for your destination wedding you can expect great quality and a pleasant journey. 

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines flies from cities around the US to destinations all around the world including Ireland! Return flights to Ireland are provided three times a week from JFK New York, Boston, and Atlanta into Dublin and Shannon. Delta is an Atlanta based airline that has made strides when it comes to sustainable travel. This great airline has been implementing sustainable changes behind the scenes but also for their consumers! When flying with Delta, eligible passengers can expect sustainably made amenity kits but that’s not all. Delta has been donating blankets, amenity kits and food to various organizations since 2020, isn’t that great! If traveling from America for you destination wedding, Delta might be the sustainable airline you were looking for!

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is making strides towards a greener future by reducing their fuel usage per plane each year! Flying with this airline is a great sustainable option as they reduce their emissions and carbon footprint without sacrificing quality. When flying with Alaska Airlines you can expect boxed water and recyclable paper cups as they embrace various recycling techniques. Another great thing they do is for every flight to Hawaii they plant a tree to preserve the Hawaiian environment! Alaska Airlines travels to countless destinations such as the West Coast of the US, Mexico, Canada, and many other destinations! Looking for a sustainable flight to Ireland for your destination wedding? Alaska Airlines might be the perfect choice for your internal flight to pick up connection to Ireland!

American Airlines

Being the largest airline in the world, there are hundreds of destinations to travel to. American Airlines operates daily flights to Dublin from New York, Chicago and many more airports in America. As part of the Oneworld alliance you can use points to earn free flights with American Airlines or their partners. What makes this airline great isn’t just the quality they provide when traveling with them. Through their Cool Effect Program, American Airlines allows their passengers to reduce their carbon footprints, how great is that?! American Airlines is a great choice to travel with for your dream destination wedding, wouldn’t you agree?

Travelling from the UK for your Destination Wedding in Ireland

When traveling form the UK or Scotland a great alternative for air travel is taking a ferry! Instead of boarding a plane you will board a ferry taking you to beautiful Ireland. A ferry ticket can vary in price and depending on which airline you usually travel with it might be a cheaper option! Another great benefit of this form of travel is the reduced check-in lines and waiting for boarding. Depending if you need to travel further into Ireland you can bring your car with you on the ferry. 

Green Transportation in Ireland

Having arrived in Ireland you might require further transportation to your destination. Ireland is proud to have the resources to provide sustainable travel across the island. Tony Doyle is a local company in Dublin which offers 100% green transportation with their electric coaches. Sit back and relax in their comfortable coaches without having to worry about their carbon footprint. Hiring their services can be the perfect way to transfer your wedding guest to and from the airport!

In case your guests want the freedom to move around on their own you might want to suggest Europa car! This rental car service provides electric cars which are perfect for exploring the Island and traveling to your wedding venue. Renting electric cars is a great choice to protect the environment however it can be more costly for your guests.

If your guests don’t want to rent a car no panic as we have a third sustainable option! Ireland has a great taxi service called Free Now which provide quality transportation all through the Island. They have regular but also electric taxis at their disposal making every ride sustainable. Enjoy a nice glass of champagne, toast to the happy couple and don’t worry about getting home. Free now is a great sustainable choice when in need of transportation in Ireland.

We hope this ultimate guide has inspired you to make more sustainable choices while planning your destination wedding. Next week we share the ultimate guide to plan a sustainable destination wedding part 2, focussing on venues, stationary and more! Stay tuned for more sustainable suggestions for your destination wedding.

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Two hearts became one – A beautiful union at the magnificent Adare Manor

American sweetheart fell in love with Irish charm and got their happily ever after. This week we are delighted to show you Maranda and Michael’s Dream Irish Wedding. This couple, like many others, had to face challenges during the pandemic, but their love conquered all. Keep reading for a sneak peek into their dream destination wedding at the luxurious Adare Manor!

Their Story

Our American bride met her Irish groom through their work as veterinarians and all it took was one little spark. That spark grew to everlasting love and on April 24th 2021 they said I do in an intimate ceremony. This day marked the 6-year anniversary of their first date, isn’t that sweet! How fitting is it that this day also happened to be World Veterinary Day! One year later they finally got to travel to Ireland for their dream Irish wedding at Adare Manor. In front of their loved ones, they celebrated an early one-year anniversary of their marriage on March 19th, 2022.

Their Dream Destination Wedding

Our blushing bride Maranda has always loved Ireland and with her groom being Irish it was the perfect choice. They always knew they wanted a destination wedding, and their hearts were set on Ireland. When Michelle suggested Adare Manor as possible venue, they knew right away it was the one! With its rich history and elegance, they felt that Adare Manor was the most special venue in Ireland.

Wedding Florals

For their wedding florals they choose Blush & Ivory with accents of gold & silver. Keeping the colour simple while using a variety in flowers created elegant, fabulous yet whimsical arrangement, wouldn’t you agree?! These beautiful floral arrangements were created by French Touch Flowers, one of our amazing partner vendors.  

Wedding Theme

Their wedding theme could be seen in every little detail from ceremony to reception. It was important to Maranda and Michael that their theme was represented throughout the entire wedding. They chose a classic theme that was also elegant, whimsical, and romantic. To complement the wedding theme the flowers were all white with limited greenery.

Bridal Attire

Maranda looked absolutely radiant in her designer BHLDN wedding gown. The dress complemented her natural beauty perfectly, wouldn’t you agree?! The beaded bodice sparkled as she made her way down the aisle adding to her radiant bridal look. To finish her wedding attire, she wore a beautiful diamond diadem and stunning nude wedding shoes. For her hair and make-up our talented bride was her own artist for the day, and she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Planning the Big Day

Planning Maranda and Michael’s wedding was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Michael left all of the planning to Maranda, she loved every detail and was very organized. Even though the planning started smoothly the pandemic created challenges for our couple to face together. After two years of postponing their big day, they finally got their dream destination wedding on the fourth attempt!

Planning destination weddings is always more challenging, but Maranda and Michael handled everything with grace. Together with our fabulous wedding planner Michelle they got the wedding they always dreamed of! 

Forever in Their Hearts

Unfortunately, not everyone could make it to their special day. Maranda’s father couldn’t be there to walk her down the aisle, but he was there in spirit. To honour her father and have a piece of him on their special day they had this beautiful memorial chair. We thought this was such a lovely and heart-warming gesture to honour lost loved ones. Their wedding day was filled with love, and we believe her dad was watching from heaven blessing their union.

Uniting Families

Weddings are beautiful occasions where people come together to celebrate the love between the couple. Maranda and Michael’s wedding brought a wonderful mix of Irish and American families and guest together. Their wedding was a 4-day event and started with an Irish pub party on St. Patrick’s day. On the final day Michael’s parents hosted a party at his house providing the perfect ending to a perfect wedding.

We wish Maranda and Michael a lifetime of happiness together filled with love and adventures. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and planning your wedding together. Thank you for sharing your special day with us!

Xx Michelle

A warm thank you to all these amazing vendors who made their dream come true!

Planner: Dream Irish Wedding
Venue: Adare Manor
Florist: French Touch Flowers
Photographer: Gidiyon Kifle
Videographer: Vow Art
Cake: MMCookies
Ceremony Music: Harpist Sinead
Wedding Attire: BHLDN Exclusive
Transportation: Bentley Weddings
Rentals: Audrey’s Occasions

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How to look fabulous on your special day! – The newest bridal trends for 2022/2023 (Part 2)

Kyha Studios

For this week’s blog we are back with part 2 of ‘How to look fabulous on your special day’. To all the lovely brides who loved last week’s blog, we have more amazing bridal trends for you! By now you know all about the latest bridal trends for 2022/2023 regarding gorgeous wedding attire, but there’s more. This week we are excited to share even more of our favourite bridal trends to expect in 2022/2023. Keep reading to learn about the latest trends in Bridal Hairstyles, Make-up, and accessories!

Bridal Hairstyles


Simple yet elegant and with the right stylist this hair style becomes absolutely marvellous for your wedding day! According to professional hairstylists this trend is becoming significantly popular and will be seen among brides all over the world. We adore this trend as it complements the bride’s natural complexion in a classy and elegant way. If you want to take your ponytail to the next level, adding small flowers or accessories makes a big difference!

Updo & Semi-Updo

This bridal trend might not be entirely new, but hairstylist have become more creative, and we love it! Brides adore this bridal trend for 2022/2023 and we understand why as it is easily personalized to the brides wishes. New styles are created every day, each with their own twist, giving our brides a vast variety to choose from. Whether you go for a luxurious updo or simple semi-updo, you will look breath-taking no matter what you decide! Did you know this trend is not only great for brides but also for your bridesmaids?!


All brides want to sparkle on their wedding day but for those who want to feel extra glamorous, keep reading! If you love diamonds, then this bridal trend for 2022/2023 is perfect for you. Bejewel your hairstyle with a gorgeous tiara, hairband, or clip, making you look like absolutely regal. This trend can be done in a subtle way with a hairclip or go all out with a diamond tiara! In case you aren’t sure if this is the trend for you then we have a golden tip for you. When trying on your wedding dress in the store, play around with different hair accessories to help you decide!

Second Hairstyle!

Go all out on your special day with a second hairstyle! This trend is perfect for brides wanting to surprise their partner and wedding guests. Changing into a second dress for the reception is getting more popular every day and now second hairstyles have arrived. This trend compliments the bride’s natural beauty even more by drawing attention to her with a new hairstyle. Even without a second dress, this trend is perfect for a second look and to wow your guests!

Bridal Make-up

Coloured Eyeliner

Bold, bright and colourful! For brides who are feeling bold and seek a bit of colour on their wedding day this trend might be for you. Professional make-up artists have noticed a rise in demand for colourful eyeliner, expecting a colourful wedding season in 2022/2023. Any colour is possible, it could even be your something blue! Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with this trend and if needed you can seek out professional assistance.

Glossy Lip

In 2023 brides are choosing to finish their look with a glossy lip, adding a soft shimmer to their face.  This trend isn’t new however, make-up has come a long way and glossy lips have never looked this great! Go for a nice neutral lip or add a pop of colour underneath your lip gloss, anything is possible. With this trend brides will look classy and elegant while their lips get hydrated, how great is that?! Especially for brides who aren’t big on wearing make-up, this trend provides the perfect balance between glamor and natural beauty.

Bright, Holographic & Metallic eyes

Give your eyes a boost with this amazing bridal make-up trend for 2022/2023! This trend adds pops of colour and takes your make-up to the next level making it look extravagant. With stunning silvers, bronzes, coppers, and anything else that shines it will definitely brighten up your bridal look! When combined with highlighter on the cheeks and the bride’s beauty, this trend really takes your breath away! What do you think ladies, is this trend something for you?!

Second Make-up Look

With great enthusiasm we introduce the second make-up look trend. That’s right, second make-up looks are now also a thing to consider when choosing your bridal look. It’s true that a second make-up look might take some time of your cocktail reception but it’s definitely worth it! A second dress has been seen before and can be expected but this trend will shock your guest for sure. For the optimal result, may we suggest combining this trend with a second hairstyle and/or dress as well!

Accessorize your bridal look

Detachable Trains

Looking for the perfect way to finish your bridal look, then you might want to consider detachable trains! This amazing bridal trend for 2022/2023 will surely leave a lasting impression when you detach the train for the reception. This will transform your already gorgeous gown while also saving costs that you wanted to spend on a second gown. We are absolutely in awe of this trend and can’t wait to see it on our stunning brides! What do you think, could this be the bridal trend for you?

Mini Veils

Last season it was all about the birdcage veils but that has been replaced by this new trend! The mini veils taking the wedding industry by storm and is definitely a trend to watch in 2023. Chic and sophisticated when paired with a short dress but when paired with a ballgown it becomes something unexpected. Fun yet elegant in combination with an elaborate ball gown, this trend offers a playful twist on the traditional veil. Which combination with the mini veil do you like best, the ball gown or the short wedding dress?

Embellished Gloves

Bridal gloves have been around for a long time and by the looks of it are here to stay! That said, they are not the same as the ones we know and love, they have become even better. In 2023, bridal gloves will be more luxurious and dramatic, catering to the wishes of brides. Embellished gloves seem to be the next trending accessory in 2023 and brides absolutely love them. If you love gloves, are looking for bridal accessories and want to sparkle then this trend might be perfect!


Shawls may be the perfect bridal trend for 2022/2023 as it can be used all year round. Whether you are getting married in the summer or the heart of winter, shawls will be there for you! Bridal shawls look amazing, provide warmth and covering during the ceremony or late at night after dancing the night away. They can be loose or fitted, ornate, romantic, and most importantly they will never be boring! Some dresses come with their own shawl, but you can also pick the complete opposite for some diversity. Whether this trend is the right choice for you or not you will look magnificent walking down the aisle!

Did these bridal trends for 2022/2023 inspire you? Start your journey down the aisle the way you want to and remember that you will look fantastic no matter what! If you would like to gain more inspiration, feel free to check out our blog or reach out to us!

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How to look fabulous on your special day! – The newest bridal trends for 2022/2023 (Part 1)

Designed by Alexandra Sophie

I think we can all agree that brides want to look fabulous on their special day. Especially for you, our lovely brides, we share the newest bridal trends for 2022/2023! This week we focus on the haute couture wedding gowns straight from the runway. Inspired by the 2023 Bridal Fashion Week, we listed some of our personal favourites and gorgeous bridal shoes to match! Check out these gorgeous designer gowns and shoes, fall in love and tell us your favourite!

Bridal Gowns – 2023

Blue Hues

Aren’t they mesmerizing? The soft blue tones complement your beauty in a unique and elegant way. As seen in the 2023 Bridal Fashion Week, blue toned dresses are leaving their mark and we are loving it! Designer Ines Di Santo has been creating blue designer gowns straight out of a fantasy, wouldn’t you agree?! Of course, every bridal designer is incredibly talented, and more are joining this trend every day. Getting married in 2023 and looking for a unique dress? This trend may be the perfect choice for you to find your perfect dream dress!

Incredible Florals

Who doesn’t love floral details on your special day! These designers took it to a whole new level with this incredible floral trend. A beautiful floral print, 3D flowers or even flower petals, nothing is impossible with this trend. Designers are getting more creative with the possibilities, and we absolutely love it. These gorgeous gowns made quite the impression on the runway, and we can’t wait to see them on our brides! What do you think, could this be the bridal trend for you?

Party Dress

Ceremony, reception, or both, it doesn’t matter with this incredible bridal trend! The party dress is the new thing in 2023 for brides who don’t want to wear a traditional long gown. The dresses vary in colour, length and style making this trend perfect to show your personality as a stunning bride. If you are planning a destination wedding in the spring/summer, you may want to consider this trend! In addition to these dresses being are stunning, they are also perfect to stay cool on your wedding day!

Veil Alternative

Also making their way into the wedding market are the veil alternatives. Instead of the traditional veil, which we love, bridal fashion is changing with these incredible capes! We believe this trend to be the perfect addition to an already fabulous wedding market. The wedding capes can be customized to your liking and add a touch of luxury to your wedding attire. Feel like royalty walking down the aisle with this incredible bridal trend for 2023!


During the 2023 Bridal Fashion week sheer dresses seemed to be included in almost every collection. Designers are getting bold with their designs and are taking sheer gowns to a whole new level. The gowns vary in the level of sheer, depending on the designer, giving brides a large range of options. Sheer dresses are becoming bolder and more creative in 2023 enchanting brides around the world. How will we ever pick a favourite when they are all absolutely fabulous?!

Bridal Suiting

Every bride is unique and not every bride wants to wear a gown. Wearing a suit has mostly been seen with same sex couples however this trend might change that. These incredible designers created gorgeous suits for brides to wear on their special day. Every day more brides are considering wearing jumpsuits instead of a gown and now suits may be the next step! With suits this fabulous who wouldn’t want to wear them on their special day, it will certainly make a statement! We can’t wait to see how this trend will evolve in 2023, what about you?

Less is More

Less is more in 2023, this trend has been around for a long time but is making a comeback! Designers have gotten more creative and talented, if that’s even possible, by creating unique yet elegant gowns. Playing around with necklines, a high slit or layering can elevate a simple dress to an elegant and luxurious gown. Using just one type of fabric the designers keep it simple and draw the focus to the blushing bride.  

Bridal Shoes – 2022

Wedding Boots

Wedding shoes are evolving, and we love it! On your special day you want to look fabulous but also be comfortable dancing the night away. Did you ever consider wearing wedding boots, that’s right boots instead of heels! They provide more support and with the right heel they can be comfortable too. There are endless possibilities to choose from, but we selected these three to get you started.

Blush & Nude

Blush and nude tones are very popular for weddings and in 2022 bridal shoes also shine in these colours! These soft colours are the perfect addition to any wedding dress and will look absolutely stunning on you. For the brides who don’t like bright and bold colours these soft tones can be the perfect choice. Can you see yourself walk down the aisle in one of these gorgeous wedding shoes?


Want a little extra glam on your wedding day, then these rose-gold shoes might be perfect for you?! Add an elegant and luxurious touch to your wedding attire with these gorgeous bridal shoes. Rose-gold is the perfect colour to represent love and romance on your special day. For this reason, rose-gold is a very popular colour for weddings, and we totally understand why! We absolutely adore these stunning bridal shoes, how about you?!

Bejewelled shoes

Sparkle on your wedding day with these gorgeous wedding shoes! Bejewelled shoes are very popular among brides in 2022 especially from designers such as Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik. Walking down the aisle in Jimmy Choo’s is a unique experience and feels like being kissed by luxury. Bejewelled bridal shoes are the perfect finishing touch to your radiant bridal look and will make you feel like royalty!

Hopefully these bridal trends for 2022-2023 inspired you on your journey down the aisle! If you can’t get enough, we have good news for you. Next week ‘’How to look Fabulous on your special day! – The newest bridal trends for 2022/2023 (part 2)’’ will launch! Keep tuned and don’t miss out on the latest hair, make-up and wedding accessories trends!

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Bound in a union of love and trust – An Intimate wedding celebrated at Sword Castle

A beautiful union was celebrated at Sword Castle in Dublin. Meet the couple who travelled all the way from America for their Dream Irish Wedding! Brittany and Kyle promised each other forever in an intimate destination wedding. Whether it’s a grand celebration or an intimate affair, we aim to make your special day magical! Keep reading for a glimpse into their intimate destination wedding at Sword Castle!

The Stunning Couple

Brittany and Kyle, our lovely couple from America, met through work and instantly felt a connection. Originally from Washington, USA, they travelled all the way to Ireland for their dream Irish wedding! They had their hearts set on Ireland and had no problem with covering the long distance. Brittany and Kyle were the definition of a perfect couple to plan a destination wedding with. We sincerely enjoyed being part of their journey down the aisle and planning their special day together!

Intimate Destination Wedding

Brittany and Kyle always loved the Irish culture and heritage but had yet to visit the country. Therefore, the decision to have a destination wedding in Ireland was made without a second thought. When they chose the location, they wanted to ensure it was an intimate castle near Dublin. They opted to have an intimate destination wedding at one of Ireland’s stunning heritage sites, Sword Castle.  

Bound in a Union of Love and Trust

For their ceremony they performed a tradition Irish handfasting ritual. This tradition dates back to Celtic times and is still a popular for Irish weddings. Using a ribbon, you bind the hands together to symbolise the union of love and trust in a marriage. The handfasting ceremony was performed by the Maid of Honour and the Best man which made it even more memorable!  We just loved this personal touch as it created unique memories for the couple to look back on.

Wedding Theme & Colour Palette

The dress code they decided on, cocktail, worked perfectly with the fabulous and unique setting. For their wedding theme, Brittany and Kyle wanted to create a timeless affair through their wedding florals and setting of a Heritage Castle. In combination with the theme they chose for jewel tones such as burgundy, blush, green and dusty blue. When you look at the wedding party you can see the dusty blue complementing the burgundy florals beautifully.

Colourful Florals!

Picking the right flowers was very important to Brittany and Kyle. The florist did a marvellous job guiding them in making their vison a reality. The wedding florals had to represent a timeless affair to match their intimate wedding setting. The stunning coral red flowers in the bouquet symbolized the deep feelings between husband and wife. The flower and colour variation made the bouquet stand out against Brittany’s beautiful dress and the splendid Castle Chapel setting! 

Sweetheart Table

Did you know that a sweetheart table is the perfect choice for an intimate wedding?! Instead of the traditional top table, Brittany and Kyle chose a sweetheart table for more intimacy. Having the sweetheart table allowed them to enjoy their special day and first meal together as newlyweds.  Even though they were seated separately, the couple was still close and felt part of their wedding guests. 

Planning the Wedding

Planning their intimate destination wedding was such a delightful experience. Brittany and Kyle were very involved during the planning process, especially the blushing bride herself! Together with Michelle, our fabulous wedding planner, they created the wedding of their dreams. Staying true to their American roots, they wanted to feed each other cake after cutting it. Keeping it small, they opted for a one tier cake which was perfect for this lovely tradition.


Brittany and Kyle did not follow many wedding traditions and this unique honeymoon proves it. For their honeymoon the newlyweds decided to go and explore Ireland further with most of their guests! We think this was such a genuine and special way to share your marital bliss with your loved ones. Brittany and Kyle we wish you all the happiness in the world, filled with adventures and trips to Ireland!

Dear Brittany and Kyle, it was absolutely delightful to plan your dream Irish wedding. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day! – xx

This incredible team of vendors made Brittany and Kyle’s Dream Irish Wedding a reality!

Planner: Dream Irish Wedding
Venues: Sword Castle
Photographer: Niall Scully Photography
Hair: Lorraine Browne Hair
Make-up: Lisa Smyth
Florist: Arbour Blooms Weddings
Music: Bag Piper Sean
Officiant: Humanist Pat Clarke

Do you want a Dream Destination Wedding in Ireland?
Contact us and together we will make that dream a reality!

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The language of flowers for your wedding day

Natalie Schutt Photography

Carrying a bridal bouquet is a wedding tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Flowers are the perfect way to brighten up your special day. When choosing their wedding florals, many brides choose flowers that match their own character as well as wedding style. If you need help finding your perfect match, we’ve got you covered! Especially for you, our blushing brides, we have listed our favourite wedding flowers and what they symbolise. Keep reading to learn all about the language of flowers, what different flowers mean and signify in terms of characteristics, emotion and style of your wedding!


Roses are an all-time favourite among engaged couples and for good reason! These gorgeous flowers are the symbol of love, beauty, and romance so perfect for a wedding. Roses come in various colours and each one has their own special meaning, isn’t that lovely! Red roses, a classic choice, symbolizes passion, beauty, and love while white roses stand for innocence, purity, and youthfulness. If you are looking for a soft and sweet colour then light/dusty pink roses might be the one for you. These gorgeous roses symbolize grace, gentleness, and admiration for your partner, what’s not to love! The final rose colour that’s popular right now is peach, these flowers represent gratitude and sincerity, both important for a loving marriage.

Roses are great for your dream wedding as they are available all year round and reasonably prices. If you are looking for romance, passion, and beauty then roses are the perfect wedding florals for you!

Baby’s Breath

Add a touch of romance to your wedding with this lovely and subtle flower. Baby’s breath is quite popular among brides, and we totally understand why! This flower is mostly seen in the colour white but also comes in a lovely pink and pale yellow. According to the language of flowers, white baby’s breath symbolizes innocence, fertility, and everlasting love, which is why it’s perfect for weddings! The yellow flowers represent joy and friendship as well as light, cheer, and happiness. Pink baby’s breath is mostly seen in baby showers or after a baby girl is born as it symbolizes femininity, charm, and tenderness. This doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate it in your wedding because it also stands for romance! If you are looking for a romantic and subtle way to make your bouquet more special, then baby’s breath might be the perfect choice.


Gratitude, perseverance, and heartfelt emotion, that’s what hydrangeas symbolize in the language of flowers. These beautiful flowers come in blue and white which can be paired with a variety of flowers! We absolutely love these florals as they smell amazing and bring elegance mixed with a sense of luxury to your wedding. They are lush and gorgeous which makes them perfect for your bridal bouquet, center pieces or ceremony florals. Hydrangeas are in season through the summer and their variety of hues and shapes makes then whimsical and rustic. Are you a modern and romantic bride, then you might be looking for hydrangeas for your dream wedding!


Daffodils are the perfect flower for a wedding as they symbolize new beginnings. Getting married in the spring, then this flower may be the perfect choice. We know winter is over when we spot these stunning flowers as they announce the arrival of spring! Incorporate this fragrant flower in your bouquet to represent the new beginning of your journey together. This flower is mostly paired with yellow flowers but as you can see it goes perfectly with any colour! Another lovely characteristic of this flower is attracting butterflies, that’s right we said butterflies!! With this amazing flower you are guaranteed to experience butterflies in your stomach and all round you.


Freesias are known as the ultimate flower of trust, honesty, friendship, and innocence. They represent the importance of friendship in a marriage and the intimate trust the couple has in each other. This flower is therefore the perfect choice for weddings, wouldn’t you agree?! In the United States freesias are recognized as the official flower to gift your partner on your 7th wedding anniversary. Their fresh and fruity fragrance is lovely however can be quite overpowering. To prevent their lovely scent from interfering with your reception menu we suggest to only use this flower in your bridal bouquet.

Lilly of the Valley (Convallaria)

Lilly of the valley is a subtle yet elegant flower perfect for your bouquet. Did you know that Kate Middleton had these very flowers in her bridal bouquet?! The Duchess of Cambridge knows her flowers language as they symbolize happiness, trustworthiness, and purity of heart. After the Royal wedding this flower became even more popular among brides who are looking for a classy and elegant bouquet. Lilly of the valley can also be paired with a variety of other flowers to match your character perfectly for your special day.


This stunning flower, the Anemone, comes in a variety of four colours. White anemones are often seen in bridal bouquets and symbolize anticipation in the language of flowers. The other colours being red, blue, and purple are less popular but are still considered a fabulous wedding flower. One of our blushing brides, Natalie a Texan beauty, looked absolutely radiant with her Anemone bouquet. The dark center and white petals will look beautiful with your dress especially when taking photos outside. If you are looking for a unique bouquet that symbolizes the anticipation you will feel on your wedding day, then this flower is the perfect choice for you!


Proteas are gorgeous flowers that date back over 300 million years! They are known for variation in colour and sizes symbolizing diversity and courage. If you are looking to make a statement with your bouquet this flower is the perfect way to do so! Proteas are perfect for bouquets and centerpieces paired with other flowers or on their own. The flower does its symbolism justice as its unique appearance diversifies itself from other flowers. Proteas are the official flower of South-Africa and are only available from June until October.

Sweet Pea (Lathyrus)

Sweet Pea is a delicate two petal flower with a rich fragrance. In the language of flowers Sweet Pea symbolizes delicate/blissful pleasures and initial enjoyment. Available in an array of tones this flower is perfect for any colour palette and wedding theme. Paired with other florals your bouquet will be firm and pop with colour on your special day. Some brides associate this beautiful flower with inspiring thoughts for a country wedding, what do you think? This lovely flower is also known as romantic and reflects kindheartedness.


Who doesn’t love Peonies with their beautiful colours and fragrant smell?! Traditionally given on a special occasion to express best wishes, joy, and goodwill which makes them perfect for weddings. Peonies symbolize a lot of things: happiness, romance, beauty, love, compassion, honor and most important of all a happy marriage. These gorgeous flowers bloom from late spring to early summer and flower for 7-10 days. Peonies are one of the most sought-after wedding flowers, after roses, and we absolutely love them! Make your bridal bouquet or top table centerpiece pop with some lovely peonies!

No matter which flower you choose your wedding will be perfect. You get to marry the love of your life and no flower can match the beauty of that moment. Hopefully the language of flowers has helped you find your perfect wedding florals that match your character! If you would like to know more about this interesting language and how they can signify your emotions, feel free to contact us. We wish you and your fiancé a marvelous wedding filed with love and happiness!

~ Warm thank you to all the wonderful photographer who provided the stunning images ~

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The ultimate guide on how to ask your wedding party!

After having said yes to your finance it is now time to pop the question to your wedding party! Getting married is a special and exciting time for you and your finance. Share this experience with your wedding party and make it more memorable for them with a special proposal! To help get started we share the ultimate guide on how to ask your wedding party. Keep reading and get inspired, excited, and ready to pop the question!

Edible Proposals:

Edible proposals are by far the most delicious way to ask your wedding party, wouldn’t you agree? These sugary delicacies can be personalized in shape, flavour, name, and bridal duties. Making edible proposals isn’t only fun it adds a personal touch and shows that they were made with love. If baking isn’t your strong suit don’t worry you can always contact a local bakery to help you out! In case edible proposals weren’t great enough already they are also environment friendly. What are you waiting for, start baking or contact a professional, and start asking you bridal party with these delicious edible proposals!

Personalized Gifts:

What better way to propose to your girls then with personalized gifts! These days you can personalize pretty much anything, and we are loving it. You can keep it small with just a single gift or go all out with a gift box specially made for each bridal duty. Personalized gifts show that you took the time to plan the proposal and that you went the extra mile! Remember asking your girls is a special moment for them as much as it is for you. So why not give them a special personalized keepsake to remember it forever!  


We all remember Marilyn Monroe’s iconic words – Diamonds are a girls best friend. It’s true ladies we all love a good diamond as much as the next girl. One thing a diamond can’t do is walk down the aisle on its own, but it can shine on your beautiful bridal party! Propose to your girls with special jewellery that they can wear before, during, and after the wedding!  Your bridal party will look elegant and classy walking down the aisle in their special proposal jewellery.

Say It With Bubbles:

It’s time to pop the question with these incredible champagne/whiskey proposals! Whether you are asking your bridesmaids or groomsmen, you can’t go wrong with these gifts. Personalize the gifts per drink, name, or duty to make the proposal feel extra special. May we suggest a lovely Rose for the ladies and a well-aged Whiskey for the gents? The choice is all yours of course as you know your friends and family the best. Having said yes to your proposal they can pop the cork or pour a drink celebrating the moment together!

Junior Party:

Do you have little brothers, sisters, cousins or nieces and nephews? Include the little ones in your wedding as flowers girls or page boys with these adorable proposals! If you are proposing to your wedding party be sure to propose to the children as well. The proposal doesn’t have to be big just make they feel included and important. Feel free to use your imagination as the children will certainly love it. If the amazing proposal doesn’t convince them, you can always promise them more cake!


Asking your groomsmen is a whole different process then asking your bridesmaids. Men are usually more down to earth and don’t want to make a big fuss about it. If you were to listen to some men, it’s something you can ask over a text message. Not to worry, for those of you who would like to ask in a unique way we’ve got you covered!  We have noticed that some grooms include their fiancé or opt for a personalized drink. Keep it short and to the point with these tiny whiskey shots or go big with personalized gift boxes. No matter how you ask them your groomsmen will feel honoured you want them to be part of your special day.

Honorary Mothers:

Off course there is no way we could ever forget about the fabulous mothers! Where would we be today without these incredible women by our sides. Seeing your child grow up and getting ready to marry their soulmate is a special time. Make your special day even more memorable for both mothers with these lovely keepsakes! Treat these incredible women with their very own wedding day accessories. It goes without saying how much we love and appreciate our mothers, but it doesn’t hurt to show them how much!

Did you get inspired to propose to your wedding party? We hope you enjoyed reading the ultimate guide and be sure to check our other posts. If you would like to get more information, feel free to contact us anytime and we will guide you! To see more wedding inspiration, click here.

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Their dream came true – A fabulous union filled with love at the luxurious Adare Manor

For this week’s blog we are beyond delighted to share Ray and Eddie’s fabulous dream Irish wedding! This stunning couple celebrated their love in front of their loved ones at the luxurious Adare Manor. A special thank you to Story of Eve for capturing these incredible moments for our couple to cherish forever. Keep reading to get to know our stunning couple and their beautiful love story!

Their Journey

Our blushing bride, originally from Canada, moved to Ireland back in 2016 to attend medical school. It wasn’t until the winter of 2019 that our couple met for the first time during a tutorial at the cardiac care unit. Ray had just started her placement at the same hospital Eddie worked at and the two became friends almost instantly. Eddie worked for the school as a clinical tutor and remembers Ray being late for the tutorial, which according to Ray he never stopped giving her grief for! After 9 million coffee dates, graduation and a global pandemic Eddie finally asked her to be his forever during the summer of 2021.

The Perfect Venue

Choosing the perfect venue for their dream Irish wedding was surprisingly easy. The mother of our blushing bride was familiar with Adare Manor and suggested it to the couple. Once they had visited the gorgeous estate Ray and Eddie knew it was the perfect place for their special day. They fell in love instantly with its majestic ambience and elegant atmosphere.  

Wedding Theme

The style Ray and Eddie decided on for their wedding was clean lines, classic and luxurious. Paired with the elegant interior of the manor the vision for their wedding came alive. Hints of pale pastel pink and purple shades together with elegant white details could be seen throughout the entire venue. To complete the overall look of the wedding they opted for a black-tie dress code which all guest executed marvellously!

Floral arrangements

Look at these gorgeous floral arrangements created by Joeanna Caffrey Flowers! Ray and her mother absolutely love flowers which inspired these stunning floral arrangements. They decided on white flowers with touches of pastel shades of pale pink and purple. What do you think, don’t these arrangements look absolutely marvellous?!

Bridal look

Our blushing bride Ray looked absolutely radiant walking down the Aisle! She wore a gorgeous gown sourced in Toronto which complemented her perfectly, wouldn’t you agree?! Dressed to impress she walked down the aisle in stunning white heels by Yves Saint Laurent. To finish her bridal look Ray opted for stunning pieces of jewellery to add a touch of luxury. During the reception Ray surprised her guests by changing into a beautiful pink dress designed by Alexander McQueen.

Planning the day

This luxurious wedding did not happen on its own! While planning this dream Irish wedding Ray and her wonderful mother were very involved in the process. Together with our fabulous wedding planner Michelle they created an extraordinary wedding. From the incredible cake to the amazing florals every detail was executed with precision. On the day of the wedding everything was coordinated by Michelle and her team to ensure things ran smoothly.

The day after

To celebrate their happy union a bit longer they had a beautiful wedding shoot the day after. The wedding shoot took place at the gorgeous grounds of Adare Manor and was captured by Story of Eve. Ray and Eddie coordinated their outfits for this shoot, and we think they couldn’t look more fabulous! Our gorgeous bride wore a stunning all lace black dress with gold heels to finish her look. Eddie compliments his beautiful wife looking very dapper in a black tux.  

It was our absolute pleasure making Ray and Eddie’s dream Irish wedding a reality! We wish the blushing newlyweds all the happiness and adventures in the world
XXX Michelle

A warm thank you to this incredible creative team!

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Celebrate your love with these amazing LGTBQ+ wedding trends and traditions!

Photo: Amber Robinson

Before we dive into this week’s blog lets congratulate all the fabulous couples who got engaged! Getting married is an exciting time and we couldn’t be happier for you and your fiancé. We are here to guide you on your journey down the aisle with these amazing LGBTQ+ wedding trends and traditions!

1. Unique Ceremony Setting

Make your wedding a bit more intimate with this amazing ceremony trend! Instead of the normal straight rows couples opt for more unique ceremony settings. Especially in the LGBTQ+ community we noticed couples often choose a circular or spiral ceremony setting for more intimacy. These incredible settings are the perfect way to feel surrounded by all your loved ones and have them more involved in your happy union! Another lovely aspect of this trend is that it offers every guest a great view of the stunning couple. If this trend speaks to you then these unique ceremony settings might be the perfect choice for your wedding!

Photo: Old Church Chapel
Photo: Malibu Rocky Oaks Photographer
Photo: Old Church Chapel

2. Together Down the Aisle

What better way to start your journey down the aisle then together with your lovely fiancé? That’s right walk down the aisle with your fiancé towards your happily ever after. Walking down the aisle together is a trend that has increased among same sex weddings the past year. Instead of having a loved one give you away on your special day, same sex couples take a different approach with this incredible trend. We believe that this LGBTQ+ wedding trend is a beautiful way to start your journey together, however it may not be right for every same sex couple. Choose what makes you and your fiancé happy, it is your special day after all!

Photo: Inspired By a True Story
Photo: Pinterest

3. Joint Stag/Hen Party’s

This LGBTQ+ wedding trend is slightly more unconventional, but it might be the perfect choice for you and your fiancé! Instead of two separate hen/stag parties, which are still popular, same sex couples celebrate together by having a joint party, night out or a weekend trip. If your group of friends overlap with your fiancé’s than this might be the perfect trend for you to include everyone in the celebrations. In case you want to make your hen/stag party even more special you can get personalized gifts. Personalized gifts are the perfect addition to your hen/stag party for you and your friends to cherish forever.

Photos: Stag and Hen

4. Add a Splash of Rainbow

Out and proud! We absolutely adore this LGBTQ+ wedding trend as it adds pops off colour and shows the guest your pride for each other. When we think of LGBTQ+ weddings the first thing that pops up in your mind might be the rainbow details. Of course it’s a personal choice to incorporate it into your wedding or not but we just love the pop of colour it adds! Some couples may go all out with rainbow power suits or balloon installations while others might opt for a more subtle approach. Adding a little splash of rainbow with their wedding shoes or the cake could be the perfect way to share your pride without going over the top.

Photo: Pear tree personalization’s   
Photo: nathan ramirez photography
Photo: Pinterest

5. No (Traditional) Bridal Party

Ever consider shaking things up a bit? Then this trend is perfect for you! A same sex wedding does not necessarily mean you need two sets of bridesmaids or groomsmen. Instead of the traditional bridal party don’t let gender influence their roles. The ‘’I do crew’’ or ‘’Honorable guests’’ have a nice ring to it wouldn’t you agree? Have your closest friends wear what they feel comfortable in and take part in your bridal party without gender obligations. This LGBTQ+ wedding trend is perfect to mix up your bridal party for your same sex wedding, doesn’t it look great?!

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Vecoma

6. Skip The Proposal

Are you planning to propose? Your partner might have the same idea and you end up with a double proposal! According to same sex couples we’ve had the pleasure of talking to there is always a risk of getting a double proposal. To ensure you don’t take away this special moment from each other it might be better to talk about it beforehand. Are you both ready for the next step and is a proposal something you want to receive or want to ask? This trend has become popular among LGBTQ+ couples as they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. This trend also helps prevent a double proposal if that’s something you and your partner wish to avoid. Whatever you decide we are happy for you and wish you all the happiness in the world just like this fabulous trans couple Hannah and Jake!

Photo: Paul Grace
Photo: Justine Milton Photography

7. Collaborative Suit Shopping

What’s better then sharing more memories with your partner? Instead of shopping for your wedding attire separately with friends and family shake this up with this incredible LGBTQ+ wedding trend! Collaborative suit shopping is the perfect trend for same sex couples to create more memories on their journey down the aisle. Shopping together gives you the opportunity to ensure your attires don’t clash with each other on your special day. If you both want to go the extra mile, we noticed that wearing the same suit has become quite popular among same sex couples. Whatever you decide we support your choice wholeheartedly and we are positive you and your partner will look fabulous walking down the aisle!

Photo: Alen Karupovic
Photo: Wesley Vorster

8. Extravagant Wedding Photography

This LGBTQ+ wedding trend might be our personal favorite! Make your wedding even more memorable with these amazing wedding photography ideas. Extravagant wedding photography is a trend that we noticed more same sex couples incorporate in their wedding. Go all out for your wedding shoot with coloured smoke, rainbow confetti or even a paint battle, you only get married once! Incorporating this incredible wedding trend on your special day will create more unique memories to look back on with your spouse!

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Forrester     
Photo: Ze Liang Photography
Those were some of the most incredible LGBTQ+ wedding trends of 2022, what did you think? We absolutely love these trends and can’t wait to help you incorporate them in your special day. Was there a trend that caught your interest, but you need further advice or help for you special day? We are here to help you create the wedding of your dreams!! Contact us today to start your journey down the aisle and happily ever after!
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Wedding Faux Pas to avoid for the perfect happily ever after!

Photographer: J. Olsen Weddings

It’s finally happening, the day you have waited for your entire life! To get the perfect wedding, that you deserve, we share some of the worst wedding faux pas to avoid. Keep in mind when planning your wedding that avoiding faux pas entirely might prove to be challenging. To help you and your finance enjoy a stress-free wedding we share some faux pas to avoid for you, the lovely couple, and your guests! That’s right keep reading to learn how you and your guests can make your special day perfect!

Faux Pas For The Couples

1. Forgetting Your Vendors

During your special day your photographer and other vendors are working their magic to make everything perfect for you and your finance. Forgetting to provide meals for them is therefore considered a major faux pas! This faux pas may be one you weren’t aware of but it’s certainly an important one. While you are enjoying your special day, as you should, your vendors are working 10-15 hours. Providing meals for your vendors will show them your gratitude and will be greatly appreciated!

Photographer: Studio Brown

2. The Wedding Gap

The wedding gap is definitely a faux pas you want to avoid. With the wedding gap we refer to the time between the ceremony and reception also known as the cocktail reception. During this time the couple and their bridal party get their photos taken while the guests enjoy some lovely appetizers and bubbles. To avoid having a wedding gap we suggest that your cocktail reception lasts for about 60-90 minutes. Stay within this timeframe and you are sure to avoid this wedding faux pas!

Photographer: Studio Brown

3. No Weather Preparations

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather but something we can control is how we prepare for it! Avoid this faux pas by preparing for all weather on your big day. Discuss options for an indoor and outdoor ceremony as well as reception with your chosen venue to be fully prepared. If you hired a wedding planner they will help you through this process and ensure that every scenario is covered. Being prepared for any scenario will not only help you avoid this faux pas but also impress your guests with the impeccable planning!

Photographer: Story of Eve

4. The Singles Table

Whenever the singles table is considered a faux pas remains unclear. It might be the perfect choice for your wedding, but it may not be for everyone. While we have seen weddings where a singles table was the perfect choice, we believe the choice is entirely up to the couple. You know your guests best after all! If you think it’s not the perfect choice for you and consider this to be a faux pas, we suggest spreading your single friends and family to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Photographer: Stelle Yang Photography

5. No Arranges Transportation

When planning a (destination) wedding, not arranging transportation for your guests can be considered a faux pas. Your guests enter unfamiliar territory to celebrate your special day and might be confused finding their own transportation. Helping your guests, as a thank you for coming to your (destination) wedding, by arranging transportation to the venue will be greatly appreciated! We suggest it might help to reach out to your guests and offer your assistance to whomever desires it. Need professional assistance to avoid this faux pas? We would be delighted to guide you in the right direction together!

Photographer: Lanny Ziering

Faux Pas For Guests

1. Imposter Bridesmaid

This wedding faux pas might be challenging to avoid but not impossible! Choosing your bridal party always comes with the decision of who to include and sometimes you unintendedly hurt someone by leaving them out. You might like to be selective of who you tell your colour palette for the bridesmaid’s dresses, or you might find yourself with an ‘imposter bridesmaid’. You never know if someone shows up in a similar dress to match your bridal party or if it is just a coincidence!

Photographer: Lanny Ziering

2. Dress Code Error

Can you wear white to someone’s wedding yes, or no? If you ask us, we believe it is entirely the couple’s decision whenever or not guests can wear white. The best thing to do to avoid this faux pas is to ask the couple about their dress code and stick to their choice, they have one for a reason! Some couples don’t mind if guests wear white but that is rare and usually only happens if the bride wears a different colour. Probably best to be a respectable guest and avoid this faux pas by sticking to the couples desired dress code.

Photographer: Clary Pfeiffer Photography

3. Surprise Plus One

Surprises are great unless it’s a surprise plus one that you did not mention on your RSVP. This is a big faux pas as it can cause the bride and groom unnecessary stress on what is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. Bringing a plus one to a wedding is great and to ensure they have a seat assigned at a table it is proper etiquette to RSVP ‘plus one’. The couple will greatly appreciate this gesture and will welcome you and your plus one with open arms to celebrate their special day together. To avoid this faux pas and RSVP accordingly within the given timeframe you can make a note in your calendar so you will not forget!

Photographer: Story of Eve

4. The Price Is Right

A faux pas you definitely want to avoid is trying to guess how much is invested into the wedding. This faux pas is considered disrespectful towards the happy couple which is why we gently encourage you to not express this curiosity. It is okay to be curious, who wouldn’t be, but try to keep it to yourself as it will make the wedding much more enjoyable for everyone. As a guest you only have one task and that is to enjoy the lovely celebration you were invited to be part of!

Photographer: Story of Eve

5. ‘Improve’ The Table Plan

This faux pas might be the worst and stressful one a guest could do! During the planning process the bride and groom spend a lot of time creating their table plan. Matching the right guests is not always easy and when guests start to ‘improve’ the table plan it causes serious frustration. While an escort table or table plan looks spectacular some guests think it’s the perfect opportunity to change their seat to a more desirable table, changing the entire table plan for other guests! Be a good guest for the lovely couple and leave the table plan as is.

Photographer: Abby Jiu Photography

What did you think of these wedding faux pas? Did you know them already or did you learn something new? Either way we are delighted that we got to share them with our lovely audience. We wish you the best of luck on your journey down the aisle!!

Thinking about a destination wedding in Ireland or would like to hire our services? Don’t hesitate and contact us to start your happily ever after together!

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How to plan the perfect spring wedding? – These 2022 floral trends will make your wedding absolutely fabulous!

Photographer: Stephanie Price

Spring is finally here which means wedding season is upon us! With a new season comes new trends, engaged couples and endless possibilities. We are delighted to share the newest floral trends of 2022 that we experienced with you in this week’s blog. Keep reading to find the perfect floral trends to watch for your spring wedding!

Photographer: Kuenzli Photography

1. Big, Bright & Colourful!

Out with the old and in with the new! Although we love a good pastel themed wedding, couples become more expressive every day. Big, bold, bright, and colourful seems to be desired for wedding florals in 2022. Don’t be afraid to show your bubbly personality on your special day with bold and bright floral arrangements! Bold and bright colours will certainly impress your family and friends especially with a grand wedding arch like this.

We absolutely adore this floral trend as it makes your wedding feel more authentic by showing your personality. Bold and bright colours are perfect for a spring wedding and will make your wedding pop!

2. Dried Florals

This spring it’s all about texture which means incorporating dried florals in your bouquet, centerpieces, and décor. For those of you who doubt their elegance compared to fresh flowers we got you covered. The stunning florals in the bouquet may be dried but still give you that elegant bridal feeling. Paired with the right flowers they are perfect for your spring wedding. This trend is also the perfect way to preserve your wedding florals after the wedding!

Photographer: Feather and Oak Photography
Photographer: M & J Photography

3. Big Floral Displays

Why keep it small when you can go all out with a big floral wall/display! Floral arrangements are personal and differ per wedding however we noticed they have one thing in common. In 2022 floral arrangements are becoming bigger and a real vocal point at weddings. Floral walls, installations or displays are becoming very popular among engaged couples and are the perfect way to incorporate both your personalities! If you are looking for a way to wow your guest this may be the trend for you. This trend can be used all year around but with the right seasonal flowers it can be perfect for your spring wedding!

4. Suspended Flowers

Suspended flowers, aren’t they just marvellous! If you are looking for a way to take your wedding to the next level, this is the trend for you. Suspended flowers are the perfect way to add elegance and luxury to your wedding. Depending on the colour palette for your wedding this trend can be personalized to your liking. Almost every flower can be used which makes it perfect for a spring wedding. Add pops of colour and the most gorgeous seasonal flowers to make your spring wedding fabulous with this suspended floral trend! This trend inspires brides all over the world this year to use their imagination and add their personality, will you be one of them?

Photographer: Rebecca Yale Photography
Slug & Lettuce

5. Floral Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a good wedding cocktail to celebrate the happy union! Take your wedding signature cocktails from fabulous to magnificent with this floral cocktail trend! Florals are a fabulous addition to a wedding, they smell amazing, look stunning and are delicious. That’s right flowers can be a delicious touch when used in the right dish or in this case the right cocktail. We absolutely adore this trend as it provides the perfect opportunity to add your personal touch and elevates your wedding in a subtle but luxurious way.

6. Single-Stem Proteas

Not a fan of big elaborate bouquets, we got just the thing for you! This amazing trend features single-stem proteas that will complement the beauty of the radiant bride you are. These magnificent flowers will add luxury without taking the focus away from the blushing bride. The single-stem proteas can be used for anything from the centerpieces to the décor or for the bride herself off course. Proteas bloom from spring until early autumn which makes them the perfect choice for a spring wedding!

Photographer: J Photography
Photographer: Donny Zavala Photography

7. Cascading Bouquets

Want to make a statement with your bouquet? Cascading wedding bouquets are the perfect way to draw more attention to the bride and amaze your guests. 2022 has just started but this trend has already made a lasting impressing on us as wedding professionals. Just look at this stunning cascading bouquet, isn’t it perfect for your spring wedding! You can play around with different flowers and colours to match your personality and feel authentic to who you are. This floral trend is the perfect choice for a spring wedding for blushing brides or their lovely bridesmaids!

8. Fluorescent Pastels

Do you love pastels but aren’t sure it’s the right palette for your wedding? Fear not ladies we have the perfect solution for you, check out these fabulous fluorescent pastels! Choosing fluorescent pastels for your colour palette will certainly bring your wedding alive with pops of colour. Instead of the subtle pastels we all know and love, these fluorescent pastels are a bit brighter and will add more colour to your wedding. Fluorescent pastels are the perfect choice when planning a spring wedding as they create a cheerful ambience with their pop of colour. Are you looking for a unique colour palette then this floral trend may be the perfect choice for your spring wedding!

Photographer: Feather and twine photography
Photographer: Julie Michaelsen Photography

9. English Garden Style

The English Garden style trend is the perfect floral trend this spring and here is why. This style bouquet represents the characteristics of a real English garden which gives it a natural look. A mix of loosely gathered seasonal flowers paired in a manner that imitate the work of Mother Nature creates a natural but luxurious look, wouldn’t you agree? This specific style of bouquet represents a natural look that makes you forget it was created by hand. For the brides who prefer a more natural touch in their floral arrangements this may be the perfect trend for you!

10. Unexpected colour pairings

For all the lovely brides who are feeling bold this is the perfect trend for you! Go all out with unique colour pairing when choosing your floral arrangements. Unique pairing can create the most beautiful arrangements, just look at this stunning bouquet! While this trend may break away from the ‘traditional’ wedding florals that we fantasized about as a little girl it’s the perfect way to express your personality through your flowers! If you are feeling bold and are looking for a way to add pops of colour to your wedding this floral trend may be exactly what you need! Make your dream spring wedding complete with this amazing floral trend.  

Photographer: Sacha Zack

What did you think of these amazing floral trends? Aren’t they just perfect for a spring wedding?! Which one of these floral trends was your favourite? We couldn’t possible just pick one so here are some of our favourite floral trends that we had the pleasure of experiencing in recent weddings!

Our personal favourites!

1) Single Stemmed Proteas
2) Floral Cocktails
3) Suspended Flowers
4) Unexpected Colour Pairings

Did our favourite floral trends match yours? If this blog inspired you for your spring wedding be sure to check out our blog to find the latest trend in proposals, bridal couture and more!

Are you engaged, about to propose or planning to renew your vows? Contact us today and together we will make your Dream Irish Wedding a reality!

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Incredible trends we experienced that will make your proposal perfect to pop the question!

We believe that there is no greater pleasure in life then finding your soulmate, the person who loves you unconditionally and makes your heart skip a beat. Starting your happily ever after together begins with the perfect proposal. Planning the perfect proposal can seem daunting but don’t you worry, we are here to help! These 5 incredible trends that we experienced and absolutely loved will make your proposal perfect to wow your future fiancé!! With these trends you can’t go wrong, the love of your life will say ‘YES’ and your future together will begin with the perfect proposal!

The perfect proposal is more than just asking the love of your life to be yours forever. You need to ask yourself what’s important to them, is there a special place that hold meaning, which ambience do I want to create etc. to get that definite ‘YES’. Planning on proposing and need a little help to blow your lover’s mind? Keep reading and let us inspire you with these trends we experienced that will make your proposal pop!

1. Lavish, keep them guessing productions

These days couples talk openly with each other about ring design which eliminates the element of surprise when proposing to your partner. This approach does not appeal to everyone and those that want to keep the element of surprise often opt for a more lavish production. The proposal becomes more extraordinary and a full-blown event instead of just popping the question. Going for a lavish and grand production will exceed your partner’s wildest imagination but do not underestimate the time and effort it takes! Proposers can opt to hire a professional proposal/wedding planner or ask friends and family to help. The most important thing to remember is that there is no wrong way to pop the question if it feels right!

2. Outdoor, Instagram-worthy locations

We believe that creating the perfect setting is an important aspect of any proposal. Wherever you plan to propose to your soulmate it is important to make sure it will be Instagram-worthy! As you know your partner so well you are sure to find the perfect location that they would consider Instagram-worthy. Outdoor proposals have gotten very popular especially after spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic.

If you want to go the extra mile and blow your partner away with the most unique and Instagram-worthy proposal, you might want to consider a destination proposal. Is there a special destination you had your first vacation together or perhaps another special memory that would make the destination proposal the perfect choice to pop the question?! Naturally we will be with you every step of the way if you need any help planning the proposal of your dreams wherever it may be!

3. Collaborative ring design experiences

Just a few years ago, couples would not even think about shopping for rings together – nowadays it seems to be the new reality when getting engaged. Ladies the days of dropping subtle hints to your partner are no more. Talk with your partner, be honest, start the conversation and before you know it there will be a ring on your finger! Instead of date night take a trip to the jeweller and look for the perfect ring together. Shopping for rings has become more popular and according to many jewellers at least half of the couples design the ring together. Great news for the proposers cause this makes picking out the perfect ring an easier process. You will know for sure that they will love it but most importantly you will know that they will say ‘YES’!!

4. Partnership proposals

Couples these days are breaking ‘tradition’ in the industry with partnership proposals, male engagement rings and joint proposals. Engagements are becoming more progressive each year, and this is mostly seen among LGBTQ weddings, but heterosexual couples also tend to adapt to these new ways. Women proposing to their man or couples planning their engagement together is becoming more common and we are loving it!

We believe that every couple is unique and therefore the way that they get engaged should reflect that in whichever way makes them happy. In case of a same-sex engagement it sometimes happens that they both propose on the same day or the other will propose shortly after saying yes themselves. No matter how our couples decide to get engaged we are always delighted to be part of their love story. Whenever that is planning their proposal, wedding, or anniversary we absolutely adore every one of them!

Captured by: Gearóid

5. Hyper-personalized and creative proposals

Every relationship is unique and so should your proposal! Everyone knows how it goes, getting down on one knee saying a lovely short speech and asking your partner to be yours forever. This will most likely never change but that doesn’t mean proposals stay the same throughout the years. In 2022 creative and personalized proposals are key and proposers are looking for the perfect way to make their proposal unique and an authentic symbolization of their relationship.

After everything that happened during the pandemic couples have changed their view on public proposals. Heartfelt and personalized proposals with unique props can be just as unique and romantic as grand public gestures. Getting a special sign, personalized ring box or spelling out ‘Will You Marry Me?’ in lavish flowers seems to be the go-to approach of proposers these days. Planning personalized proposals is the perfect way to create an emotional, memorable, and romantic moment. It’s definitely a trend we expect to stick around for many years!

What did you think of these up-and-coming proposal trends in 2022, aren’t they just amazing! Did you find a trend that would be perfect for your proposal but need a bit more guidance? We wouldn’t be Ireland’s most sought-after wedding planner if we didn’t prepare for this! We are delighted to share a few of our golden tips with you to ensure that your proposal will be perfect, and the love of your life will say ‘YES’!

Golden tips for your happily ever after:

1. Hire a photographer or artist to capture the beautiful moment
2. Setting the mood can help you stay in the moment and make the proposal more romantic
3. Floral décor with your partners favourite flower shows that you care and pay attention to detail
4. Proposal planners can help you plan an extraordinary proposal and take some of the stress off
5. Proposal parties are back, include all your close friends and family to celebrate this joyous occasion
together after popping the question!
6. Destination proposals are the perfect way to revisit your favourite places and create more wonderful memories
7. Rent out a venue for more privacy and get vendors involved to create a unique proposal together

This could be you! We would love to congratulate those who got engaged or are about to be. If you need any help planning the proposal of your partners dreams, please do not hesitate to contact us. Dream Irish Wedding would be delighted to work with you to make it happen from engagement to wedding! What are you waiting for contact us and let’s start planning your happily ever after!

A special thank you to all the fabulous photographers who captured the lovely photos featured in the blog!!

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Say yes to these amazing designers we have discovered through one of our brides who wore one of their dresses in a recent wedding!

Ring the bells on these incredible talented professionals!

Getting married is an exciting time and having said yes to your proposal it’s now time to say yes to the dress! One of our fabulous brides wore one of Amsale Aberra’s stunning designer wedding dresses walking down the aisle. We had heard of this talented designer before but had not realized that she was a professional of colour. This opened our eyes to other talented professionals of colour within the wedding industry. The industry is changing, and bridal couture has diversified with new designers trying to leave their mark but do not receive the exposure and representation they rightfully deserve. Very few professionals of colour are recognized in the industry so let’s change that!

Let’s have a look at these highly talented designers that we found who will make you fall in love all over again. Don’t worry ladies, some of these designers offer online shopping, shipping, or virtual consultations if you are unable to make a trip to their bridal stores. If you are looking for a unique and stunning designer wedding dress for your special day that represents your personality, be sure to check out these incredibly talented designers!

1. Laurie Underwood of Laury Bride

Laurie Underwood is a fabulous designer located in Chicago that pushes the boundaries of the ‘traditional’ bridal couture. With her years of experience as a designer and former contestant of project runway she creates stunning designer wedding dresses that are modern, chic, sophisticated and bold. Laurie believes that a bridal style reflects your personality and therefore should be customizable, chic and unique. If this describes you as a bride be sure to check out all her stunning gowns and say yes to your dress!

2. Cynthia Grafton-Holt of Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture

Based in London, Cynthia Grafton-Holt is known for her handcrafted gowns, modern artistry, refines craftmanship and exquisite attention to detail. Her masterful skills attracted celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Rosamund Pike and Reese Witherspoon to shine in her designs. If you are looking for a personalized dress that ensures an extraordinary experience, then she is the designer for you.

3. Nneka C. Alexander of Brides by NoNA

Brides have become more expressive and outspoken these days and Nneka C. Alexander includes this in her designs. She listens, executes, and designs bridal couture with the upmost pression that celebrities and socialists from the U.S. seek her out. Brides by NoNA let brides express themselves through the design of their gowns and feel exquisite on their wedding day. Brides from all over the world travel to Georgia for a dress from Nneka, will you be one of them?

4. Valentine Avoh

This Belgian designer located in Brussels gains her inspiration from Hollywood sirens and great jazz singers. Valentine Avoh designs bridal couture that is a combination of playful and polished with elegance, distinct embellishments, and feminine silhouettes. Her designs are exclusively available in Europe in France, Italy, and off course Belgium. If you are drawn to her designs and see yourself getting married in perhaps this stunning jump suit, hop on a flight, and go check out her gowns in Belgium!

5. Esé Azénabor

Empowering women through the art of fashion is what motivates designer Esé Azénabor. Brides from all over the world fly to Dalles U.S.A. to obtain one of her designer wedding dresses for their special day. Her designs are inspired from world’s art, God and culture which result in stunning and unique gowns. The gowns are all hand beaded with fine crystals, French lace, tule, stones and pearls and so much more! If you fell in love with this breathtaking gown and can see yourself walking down the aisle, look no further this is the designer for you.

6. Jean Ralph Thurin

If you live in New Jersey U.S.A., then you might have heard of Jean-Ralph Thurin. This designer creates custom-made designs based on the specifications of the buyer. His mission is to make every bride feel exquisitely beautiful and self-assured because her designer wedding dresses reflects who she is. He wants to give every bride exactly what she seeks on her wedding day. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gown and seek a designer that really listens to you then Jean-Ralph is the perfect choice.

7. Andrea Pitter-Campbell of Pantora Bridal

Transforming engaged women into breath taking brides with her collection of stunning bridal ensembles is what designer Andrea Pitter-Campbell stands for. According to Andrea luxury does not have to be delivered with a pinkie up and her gowns focus on representing the unrepresented in bridal mainstream. If you are looking for a modern dress with details and a classic silhouette than you might walk down the aisle in one of her stunning gowns. Pantora Bridal can be found in New York and Los Angeles. 

8. Amsale Aberra of Amsale

Amsale Aberra was known to be the first black female member of the council of fashion designers (CFDA). ‘I believe that true style knows no place or time – more than an aesthetic, STYLE is a way of living’ – Amsale Aberra.  Her gowns mirror its bride’s unique personal style by exuding modern femininity, unstated glamour, and attention to detail.  Amsale can be found in New York and even though Amsale Aberra passed away her team at Amsale continues her vision by creating modern and unique gowns, maybe even your dream dress!

9. Yemi Osunkoyah of Kosibah

Located in Brooklyn New, York Yemi Osunkoyah of Kosibah produces bespoke/custom, made to order and ready to wear gowns for bridal or evening wear. This designer specializes in enhancing elegant and contemporary designs for evening and bridal gowns. The signature style of this designer can be described as figure-enhancing that recreate that classic hourglass shape. Be sure to check out this designer if you are looking for a classic gown that accentuate your amazing figure.

10. Nardos Imam of Nardos Design

Unique architectural designs, eye for colour and impeccable fit is what Nardos Design is known for. Nardos imam credits her inspiration to God and the beauty in each of her clients when creating new designs. Brides from all over the world visit her atelier in Dallas U.S.A. for her special couture experience. Picking a gown from Nardos Design for your wedding day can make saying yes to the dress feel more like an extraordinary experience.

11. Stephanie White of Odylyne the Ceremony

Stephanie White created Odylyne the Ceremony, located in New York, to provide exquisite gowns for brides with an ethereal and free-spirited approach. The beauty of the line of art, sensibility and the deep emotion is embodied in every dress. With the deep appreciation of the delicate moments of the ceremony and the twist of romance represents the ethereal element in the designs. If you want a dress that ties in the feelings of traditional foundations to the exotic and unfamiliar while harnessing the power of your imagination than there is no doubt about it, this is the perfect designer for you!

12. Violette Tannenbaum

Violette Tannenbaum is a French designer located in Paris that creates designer wedding dresses in close collaboration with the brides. She believes that brides can be sexy, free and fashionable women who want to feel confident on their wedding day. Her stunning designs are inspired by women in her family and iconic personalities such as Angela Davis, Nina Simone, Toni Morrison, or designers she admires. Recognize yourself in this designer? Then she may be the perfect professional to help you say yes to your dress.

13. Keisha Ransome of the Lotus Bloom Co.

Keisha Ransome created the Lotus Bloom Co. in Baltimore U.S.A. to provide a stark contrast to the denseness of city living. This designer approaches the market a bit differently, her designer wedding dresses are also available for purchase through ebay and has been a valuable platform over the years. Fluffy, fly, and fabulous, that is what Keisha believes her designs represent. Her brand is tulle centric, and the fine machine netting is her chosen medium in all her designs. If you love tulle as much as Keisha, then this is a match made in heaven that will guaranteed looking fabulous walking down the aisle.

What did you think of these incredibly talented designers aren’t they just amazing? Did you get inspired, fall in love, or even spot your dream dress? These stunning gowns were designed by professionals of colour who prove that the colour of your skin does not define who you are as a professional, your talent does!

What is happening?

Professionals of colour can sometimes be dismissed within the wedding industry around the globe and not taken seriously based on the colour of their skin. At Dream Irish Wedding we believe that every professional deserves to receive recognition for their work regardless of their colour, creed or race.

How does it influence the Irish wedding industry?

Dream Irish Wedding’s main market is discerning couples from around the world but particularly from the USA coming to Ireland for their destination wedding! However, Ireland is known for its welcoming and sociable culture that is more accepting towards other races and ethnicities. Dream Irish Wedding is proud to affiliate themselves with the very best vendors that Ireland has to offer. The vendors that we work with are selected on their talent and expertise and their race or ethnicity does not influence our partnership. Dream Irish Wedding welcomes everyone that is looking for a destination wedding or potential partnership to grow within the industry together!

An industry built on love!

The wedding industry is built on love, love between couples but also the love we as professionals hold for the service we provide. It is time to embrace all the professionals within the industry for their talent and start recognizing their talent. Highlighting these incredible designers is the first step we make to support professionals of colour in our industry.

No one is expecting miracles to happen right away but even the smallest thing can be the first step towards change. You can start with the incredible designers highlighted in this post and go from there!

Fell in love with one of these designer wedding dresses?
Find them here!


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Texan Love for Life Meets Irish Charm – A Phenomenal Wedding At Adare

Meet Natalie & Brandon, an inspiring couple from Texas who got swooned by the magical scenery of Ireland and the warm heart of the people living here. We asked the bride about the best day in her life and here is what she had to tell us about ‘Texan Love for Life Meets Irish Charm – A Phenomenal Wedding At Adare‘:

How and when did you meet? Tell us about your first date too!

We met through mutual friends, at their lake house for a weekend getaway and instantly hit it off. We had a great weekend all hanging out together, then when we left Brandon ran out to the car to get my number before I left. We lived in different cities, so we stayed in touch and a few weekends later we met up for a double date.

Tell us about your proposal! When, where, how?

It was a total surprise to me! Brandon had one of my close girlfriends, who is a photographer, tell me she needs me and our dog Mimi to be models for a project she was working on. We went out to the walking trail that is on a lake running through Austin, and while I thought we were taking photos, Brandon walked up and proposed! Mimi actually saw him first and we have the cutest picture of her looking at him! Then our parents came walking up and we had a champagne toast.

Brandon and I then went to dinner at one of our favourite local restaurants, and sat at the same table where he told me he loved me for the first time. It sounds weird but I’m a total foodie, so food is my love language hah! Then we went back home but I really wanted to go meet up with friends. When we walked in the door all our friends were there and it was a huge surprise party! I had no idea! You can see the funny video here. The video was so funny that it actually wound up being aired by a national television program!

Why Ireland?

Why not!? Brandon and I are big travellers and we knew we wanted a destination wedding. We didn’t want to do a beach, so we started looking at other options. I saw a few photos of the rolling, green Irish hills and thought they were so beautiful and romantic. Brandon liked the whiskey and the golf. We booked a flight two weeks later to tour venues. We were so charmed by the Irish countryside but especially by the Irish people. They were simply put the nicest people we had ever met.

Why did you pick Adare Manor?

We were absolutely blown away by the gorgeous property! During our trip, the staff at The Manor were so attentive to every detail and kind. We knew wanted that hospitality for our guests.

What inspired your wedding décor? Did you have a theme in mind?

Rose gold was the main theme! I’ve always loved the colour pink and my first piece of jewellery I received as a child was a rose gold necklace from my Great Grandmother. Since then, I’ve always loved rose gold, and my engagement ring is rose gold, so we carried that theme throughout. Hence the pink champagne tower!

How did you choose & decide on wedding colours?

I didn’t want everything to be pink, so we went with classic, crisp white and hues of green from the florals and greenery in the bouquets and table settings.

Which part of your wedding did you want to WOW your guests?

Adare Manor is stunning in and of itself, so we knew they would be WOWed by their first impression. From there, we really wanted to think through our guests experience at the wedding and how they would feel throughout the day. We wanted to everyone to feel comfortable and though of. So we made sure to have plenty of seating, drinks and Adare Manor was especially great at creating personalized menus for our guests with dietary restrictions. Also, we loved our officiant, a local Druid Priest, who created such a unique ceremony for us and even included a hand fasting ceremony. We also really love the champagne tower!

What was your absolute favourite part of the day? Does your spouse have a different favourite?

The ceremony and champagne tower were two of our most favourite moments!

What was the biggest challenge you faced in planning your wedding?

Michelle and her team honestly made everything so easy for us! Once we made a decisions on something we wanted, she made it happen! Even if that meant going through several sommeliers to get pink cava from Spain!

What has been the best part of planning?

We really enjoyed planning the rehearsal dinner which was a pub crawl through the town of Adare! It was so fun and knew it would be really memorable for our guests. Michelle was able to coordinate everything with the local pubs and it went off without a hitch!

Did you write your own vows? If so, was it rather tough or easy?

We wrote our vows and it made it so special. Even though it was nerve racking thinking about writing them, we are both so happy we did it!

What websites, apps etc. did you use to help you plan?

Pinterest mostly! Choosing the right wedding planner was so key. Because we wanted to use lots of local businesses, not all of them had great websites, so Michelle and her team brought in the right people and made sure everything was perfect! Even the out of season, anemones (flowers), that I wanted for my bouquet.

What is your best piece of advice for couples reading this?

If you’re planning a destination wedding, especially one far away or in a different country, getting the right wedding planner and venue is so important! They will be able to help you find all the right vendors and execute things when you aren’t able to be present. We wouldn’t have been to pull this off any other way!

We enjoyed every bit of planning this spectacular wedding and we’re wishing Natalie & Brandon a lifetime filled with laughter, good food and loving memories!


Thanks to the fabulous team of vendors who helped us create ‘A Phenomenal Wedding At Adare’:

Wedding Planning & Styling – Dream Irish Wedding

Wedding Venue – Adare Manor

Photography – Studio Brown

Videographer – Bride & Groom Films

Flowers – Lawless Flowers

Entertainment – Bentley Boys

Celtic Officiant – Dara Molloy

Hair & Make up – Catherine Hickey

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Wedding Planning in 15 Easy Steps!

Just Engaged unsure where to begin Wedding Planning checkout our concise guide ‘Wedding Planning in 15 Easy Steps”  to get started!

1. Set the Date 

2. Decide on your Budget

3. Wedding Style – decide on the style of wedding you would like as this will influence all components of the wedding including your venue choice. 

4. Draw up your Guest List

5. Choose Venues for ceremony & reception

6. Legalities – check out the process & submit application

7. Engage a Wedding Planner even if not full service consider “Month Of”

8. Engage a celebrant /officiant

9. Book your main vendors including entertainment, photographer ,florist, cake and transportation

10. Accommodation – close family & wedding party / Block for guests

11. Begin working on your stationery particularly if sending out a Save The Date

12. Source your Wedding Dress & outfits for attendees

13. Plan events & activities for day prior & day after if required

14. Hair & Make up trials

15. Plan & book Honeymoon

While we hope we have provided you with guidance you to create a perfectly wedding, we encourage you to follow your heart when it comes to planning and ensure you plan a day which is a true reflection of your styles and personalities.

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Ideas for Getting Married around St Patrick’s day

Some tips & inspiration for your St Patrick’s & all things Irish Themed Wedding in Ireland:

  • Colour/Theme: Although green is a main St Patrick’s colour, you can match it with other colours such as gold or white, sage and pastel, pinks and ivory or even emerald and lime green. Bridesmaid dresses are the perfect way to highlight your wedding colours. Or just use it as an accent colour bringing small touches of green here and there such as an emerald broach on your shoes.

  • Invitations: The invitations set the tone & the theme for your St Patrick & everything Irish themed wedding. You can decorate with the well-known-clovers & horseshoes or simply using shades of green colour. Making reference to the Celtic culture is a good option to reflect your St Patrick theme with the knot or cross. Apply the same décor & monograms to your place cards, menus and your table name cards.

  • Decoration: You can have a lot of fun when decorating your venue. Floral centrepieces with white and green flowers with hint of gold bring beautiful spring vibe to the celebration. You could hang horseshoes on chairs along the aisle, have green satin chair sashes, green linens & mood lighting and set some green tealight lantern on your table. Lots of possibilities green napkins, shamrock candles, green glassware & shamrock favours…

  • Bouquet: Your professional florist will advise you on the green flowers in season you can use in your bouquet including amaryllis, roses, vebrunum, bells of Ireland. You can discuss the specific design you want for your wedding bouquet and the floral arrangements you desire for your reception, ceremony. & wedding party with the florist. Your flower girl can carry a little flower posy & perhaps a green ribbon tied around her dress & an Irish/Celtic symbol on it.

  • Grooms Attire: shamrock cuff links for groom and his groomsmen is a nice and discreet way to share Irish culture.

  • Ceremony: Holding a smooth stone while you say your vows is an Irish tradition believed to bring goodluck. Guests write their names and wishes on it before giving them back to the newly-weds (great idea for your guest book). Binding bride and groom’s hands is another Celtic tradition called “hand fasting”.

  • Food & Beverages: Use typical dishes such as smoked salmon, Irish Spring lamb, Irish stew, bacon & cabbage. Wash it down with Guinness and Whiskey. For your dessert/wedding cake incorporate a Guinness bottle.

  • Entertaining:  you can’t have a perfect Irish wedding without Irish music. There are lots of romantic ballads and nice instrumentals you can use on your St Patrick themed wedding day.Not to mention some Irish Dancers!

  • Favours: Have a product made in Ireland to share the culture you like and highlighted throughout your wedding day such as Irish soda bread, shamrock candles and chocolate… an endless list. Ensure to consider your colour, budget and theme!

Lots of ways are possible for having your perfect St Patrick’s themed wedding. Think about what you really want from it & have fun when preparing it!

Download our tips: Ideas for Getting Married around St Patrick’s day

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