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Have a destination wedding to limit your guest list Choose intimate ceremony & reception venues See your wedding as an intimate party Include your guests in your pre-wedding day activities Splurge on a selection of signature drinks, wines & champagne Opportunity to serve gourmet food, perhaps have a tasting menu Have your guests sit “family style” during dinner Instead of band or DJ, have a “traditional Irish” night of music, song and dance Engage a wedding planner remember regardless of numbers the planning & organisation requirements are the same ! Favours/welcome gifts : Small numbers may mean the budget streches
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Christmas Wedding Themes

We would like to share some of our favourite Christmas Wedding Themes Classical theme: Red, green and gold which will always remind of our childhood christmas’. Gold theme: Luminous, Glittering,Luxurious &  Warm White theme: Soft, clean lines symbolizing appeasement and calm. Silver Theme: Silver, grey and blue a christmas theme with a modern twist.
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