Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Music

Brides and Grooms-to-be choose music that reflects your personalities and way of life for your Wedding Ceremony. Music is one of the first impressions your guests will have at your Wedding Ceremony. On our blog today we give you top tips for choosing you Wedding Ceremony. The prelude: Whether your Wedding Ceremony venue is a castle, a church, a manor or an outdoor venue, this initial music will introduce the ceremony and set the tone. The music choices should be welcoming, make your guests feel comfortable and allow them to share your happiness. For a non religious ceremony we like
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Highlights from our Coastal Weddings in Ireland

Brides-to-be and Grooms-to-be who have always dreamt of getting married near the sea, get some inspiration from our Coastal Weddings. These highlights from our Coastal Weddings in Ireland will certainly reinforce your desire for a near-the-water union. The West of Ireland is a stunning location to have a Coastal Wedding. Marry in the Irish unspoilt landscape surrounded by nature as far as your eyes can see. For your Wedding Day it will only be the two of you, your families and guests, the green Irish grass and the Atlantic Ocean. Venues The West Coast of Ireland is full of wonders.
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Have a destination wedding to limit your guest list Choose intimate ceremony & reception venues See your wedding as an intimate party Include your guests in your pre-wedding day activities Splurge on a selection of signature drinks, wines & champagne Opportunity to serve gourmet food, perhaps have a tasting menu Have your guests sit “family style” during dinner Instead of band or DJ, have a “traditional Irish” night of music, song and dance Engage a wedding planner remember regardless of numbers the planning & organisation requirements are the same ! Favours/welcome gifts : Small numbers may mean the budget streches
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Christmas Wedding Themes

We would like to share some of our favourite Christmas Wedding Themes Classical theme: Red, green and gold which will always remind of our childhood christmas’. Gold theme: Luminous, Glittering,Luxurious &  Warm White theme: Soft, clean lines symbolizing appeasement and calm. Silver Theme: Silver, grey and blue a christmas theme with a modern twist.
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